Bill Withers – Still Bill (1972) Soul classic with bonus tracks!

This is just pure magic from start to finish. Lets forget about Bill’s amazing story for a moment and just focus on his music, his unique sound, and immediately identifiable voice and writing style. The fact that he was a ‘music business outsider’ of sorts no doubt contributes to all of the above, but in many ways its beside the point. This is some of the most soulful music ever committed to wax. It’s in the rare cadre of records that is simultaneously sad and joyful, youthful and mature, with Bill belting out lyrics that can be dryly biting but never never bitter, sung from a place of pains and sorrows suffered with an eye towards the warmth of a future yet unlived, sophisticated and yet disarming in its forthright matter-of-factness. Familiar yet with a new twist around every measure, this is Still Bill…


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  1. Oh, man, you thrill me again! I just discovered your blog and found so much file that I was looking for, but unfortunately some early posts are in MP3 only. Can you re-do this "Still Bill" plus T. Callier, Cartola and Hathaway, in FLAC?
    Sorry if I bore you.

  2. Not boring at all. I too would like to get these up in FLAC; unfortunately I moved to a different country since posting these albums and I have a shit-ton of stuff in storage back `home` (I refer to it as my "vault in the Caymans", although it's really not in the Cayman Islands). I brought several hard drives of 1 TB each with me but one of those died on me, albeit with a chance to recover a lot of stuff on it. The Callier backup in particular has been on my list to repost, as I have a few other things of his I would like to blog about.

    Regarding Hathaway, I can do you one better than a repost… (ah, the suspense.)

  3. Thanks for the reply and the re-post!
    I am curious now about the "suspense".


  4. Thanks for the reply and for the re-post.
    I'm curious about the "suspense"…

    Um abraço e valeu!

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