Your friendly blog manager is taking a break. On the first full day of Carnaval he has been beaten down by a nasty depressive episode that has confined him to his quarters for the last 32 hours. Alternately trying to read and sleeping, this is what he will probably continue to do into sometime next week. The people who know such things say this the best place in the world to be for Carnaval, but Flabbergast is overwhelmed with apathy and and disenchantement.

With any luck, this blog will become active again sometime in March.

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  1. Depression survivor says :
    It’s probably impossible for you to look at yourself objectively at the moment and “realise” that every emotion you are having is not actually real or true, but try to put yourself in the future, happy again and looking back at this time as if it is someone else altogether. Because you WILL do that later. Carnaval crowds might not be the best place right at this moment, but at least go back read your posts here and at the other blog and sense your enjoyment of people, places and music. Take care.

  2. As a fellow survivor of depression, I fully agree with what Simon666 wrote. The depressed emotions and negative thoughts are not real or true in any way. They are phantoms.

    I myself was saved through the miracle of medicine. Zoloft originally, Prozac at the moment. If you haven’t tried them (or a similar med), I strongly recommend you consult a doctor. I would not be alive without the meds. And I can honestly say that I am a happy person most of the time now.

    Good luck and keep your chin up.

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