Nelson Cavaquinho – Nelson Cavaquinho (1973)

nelson cover

SMOFB 3809

1 Juizo final

(Élcio Soares – Nelson Cavaquinho)

2 Folhas secas

(Guilherme de Brito – Nelson Cavaquinho)

3 Caminhando

(Nourival Bahia – Nelson Cavaquinho)

4 Minha festa

(Guilherme de Brito – Nelson Cavaquinho)

5 Mulher sem alma

(Guilherme de Brito – Nelson Cavaquinho)

6 Vou partir

(Jair Costa – Nelson Cavaquinho)

7 Rei vadio

(Joaquim – Nelson Cavaquinho)

8 A flor e o espinho

(Alcides Caminha – Guilherme de Brito – Nelson Cavaquinho)
• Se eu sorrir (Nelson Cavaquinho-Guilherme de Brito)
• Quando eu me chamar saudade (Nelson Cavaquinho-Guilherme de Brito)
• Pranto de poeta (Nelson Cavaquinho-Guilherme de Brito)

9 É tão triste cair

(Nelson Cavaquinho)

10 Pode sorrir

(Guilherme de Brito – Nelson Cavaquinho)

11 Rugas

(Garcêz – Ary Monteiro – Nelson Silva)

12 O bem e o mal

(Guilherme de Brito – Nelson Cavaquinho)

13 Visita triste

(Anatalicio – Guilherme de Brito – Nelson Cavaquinho)

nelson cavaquinhonelson cavaquinho

Nelson Antônio da Silva, aka Nelson Cavaquinho. October 28, 1911 – February 17, 1986

“My voice, you know, is really raspy. But…. what is the name of that guy over there in North America? Ah, Armstrong is also raspy. There are people who like my voice more than many other singers. I don’t know why, but I think its because I feel it. There are singers that have killed my music. I have feeling when I sing.”

-from an interview with Sergio Cabral on the album’s back cover

Nelson Cavaquinho’s amazing gift for memorable melody meant that there was never any shortage of famous artists wanting to record his sambas. Just a glance at the jacket of this one and you see a quick handful, tunes that are better-known if not immortalized in the sweet tones of Clara Nunes, Elis Regina, Elza Soares, Elizeth Cardoso… Surely Nelson was not talking about THEM when he referred to people “killing” his songs. Pelo amor de deus, he couldn’t have been!

Whoever he might have had in mind, his point is well-taken. There is something about his songs, and maybe just samba in general, that particularly suits it to being sung by grissled old men and women. And I say that with love in my heart, of course. Nelson, who carried Cartola’s coffin at his funeral, did not have the sweetened vintage pipes of his close friend. His is more of a croak, but nonetheless endearing for it.

This 1973 record is a classic. It has made the rounds on the ‘blogosphere’ but I like it too much not to share it here, with my own rip of ‘primera qualidade’. The dynamic Odeon duo of Milton Miranda and Maestro Gaya are in the production seats on this one too. Guilherme de Brito, who had taken up his place as Nélson’s main songwriting partner at this point, sings on the medley of songs on Track 8. It’s also worth noting that Nélson plays guitar on the record, and *not* cavaquinho, which he more or less quit playing fairly early on. Nicknames tend to stick, I guess.

A lot of the highlights of this album have been recorded by other artists as well – Juizo Final, Folhas Secas, Vou Partir are especially well-represented songs in the broader samba discography.

nelson cavaquinho
Nelson Cavaquinho and Cartola, 1963, Carnaval in Rio. Photo by Walter Firmo

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  1. Let me be the first to gladly place a comment here. One of the greatest recordings of not only Samba, but of that era worldwide. A masterpiece & a master at the peak of his powers. Brasilian music deserves it's praises.
    A great Odeon session.

  2. Se Você Jurar [1973 RCA Victor] by Ismael Silva is every bit as good.

  3. Although not the same year, the Adoniran Barbosa 1974 & 1975 on Odeon are both quite heavenly & in keeping with this post & this genre.

  4. yes indeed those Adoniran records are tasty. I have been meaning to ask you — do you know the late-70s album of his with "convidados" like Elis Regina, Beth Carvalho.. a whole bunch of folks. I usually feel like those type of adventures are not equal to the sum of their parts but the one track I've heard off it (with Elis) is quite good.

  5. Adoniran Barbosa [1980 EMI] is indeed a good record with some fine tracks. As a general rule of thumb, things fall off sharply as we enter the MTV 80's. If you get my meaning?

  6. Since we highlight 1973, then please don't miss that Elton Medeiros. Every time I listen to it I keep finding more beautiful numbers.

  7. What happened with zshare? No link seems to be working since yesterday…

  8. I am trying download but zshare fails. Can u repost this ckassic album? Thanks

  9. hi is it possible repost this one and cartola on flac pleaaaaaase!

  10. Por favor, Flabber: reposte este disco do Nelson no formato FLAC! Este é o único site de toda a internet que o disponibiliza da maneira que ele relamente merece ser escutado: em altíssima qualidade.

  11. Flabber, por favor reposte este disco em FLAC! Nos deixaria muito felizes.
    Muito obrigada desde já.

  12. Seu Anon. , o FLAC tá respostado

  13. Flabber fico imensamente grata (e feliz!) por você ter repostado esta preciosidade.Tudo de bom para você!

  14. O prazer é meu 🙂
    Tenho algumas outras raridades e curiosidades dele chegando aquí logo, fique no olho

  15. Flabber patrono do creative common e meu mentor no mundo das raridades, eu te peço: por favor reposte esse som em FLAC. nem no rutracker eu consegui achar esse. por favor!

  16. Se vc é foda mesmo disponibiliza os discos do Nelson cavaquinho.(brincadeiras a parte parabéns pelo trampo mano)

  17. i can’t believe it’s still available. thanks!

  18. oh thanks for this amazing record. I’m trying to unzip this but it is asking for password

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