Clementina de Jesus – Marinheiro Só (1973)


Marinheiro só
Released 1973

1 Marinheiro só (Caetano Veloso)

2 Na linha do mar (Paulinho da Viola)

3 Madrugada (Antônio Motta – B. Miranda)

4 Sai de baixo (Eduardo Marques)

5 Taratá (Folclore adpt – Clementina de Jesus)

6 Essa nega pede mais (Paulinho da Viola)

7 Moro na roça (Zagaia – Folclore adpt – Xangô da Mangueira)

8 Cinco cantos religiosos:
• Oração de Mãe Menininha (Dorival Caymmi)
• Fui pedir às almas santas (Arr. Adpt. Clementina de Jesus)
• Atraca, atraca (Arr. Adpt. Clementina de Jesus)
• Incelença (Arr. Adpt. Clementina de Jesus)
• Abaluaiê (Waldemar Henrique)

9 Marinheiro só (Caetano Veloso)
• Me dá o meu boné (Padeirinho)

“Marinheiro só” is an amazing samba record from the early 70s. Leading off with the Caetano Veloso song of the same name, it is start to finish an engaging listen. There are two tracks from Paulinho da Viola — “Na linha do mar” and “Essa nega pede mais” — and one from Caymmi included in the a medley of religious songs. The whole album is gold, but of particular note is this 12-minute suite of religious songs that celebrates sambas roots in candomblé and umbanda. It is recorded, performed, and presented in a way that communicates the feeling of a ‘terreiro’ (place of worship for Afro-Brazilian religious ceremony). A landmark record that brings some feeling of the old guard to the new 70s samba revival.

*note: This upload is taken from a 2 for 1 that includes “Gente de antiga,” which will be coming here soon. Because of this the track numbers run from 13 to 21.

Clementina de Jesus – Marinheiro Só (1973)320 kbs

Clementina de Jesus – Marinheíro So (1973) [FLAC]

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  1. I really love this album and I've listened to it a lot these last months, especially "Na Linha do Mar".
    Looking for information about Clementina de Jesus, I read in the Cravo Albin Dictionary that the album was produced by Caetano Veloso. I haven't seen it mentionned anywhere else… Would the liner notes give a clue wether it is Caetano or not thta did actually produced it. That would explain why she sings "Marinheiro so"…

    Do you know what is the drum used on "Tarata" ?

    Thanks a lot for this blog, really great music and interesting texts…

  2. Sem link

  3. Link? Please

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