Joe Cuba Sextet – Bustin' Out (1972)

The Joe Cuba Sextet
“Bustin’ Out” (1972)
Vampi Records CD 019

Whereas Joe Cuba’s 60s output was prolific to the point of flooding the market with boogaloo, his releases in the 1970s were spaced pretty far apart. This one catches the Sextet somewhere between their 60s sound and a new sensibility taking cues from Eddie Palmieri and the Harlem River Drive band. The single from the album was Pud-Da-Din b/w Ooh! Ya, and the track “Do You Feel It” with its almost-social-commentary-rap has made it to a few Latin soul compilations. While the shorter cuts are certainly groovy and all, my favorite on this is Joe Cuba’s Madness Parts 1 & 2 (actually separated by silence, presumably for another 7-inch release). Instrumental jamming co-authored with Charlie Palmieri, Cuba’s long-time musical director.

01 – What a Baby
02 – Pud-Da-Din
03 – Ain’t it Funny What Love Can Do
04 – Ooh! Ya
05 – Do You Feel It
06 – A Thousand Ways
07 – Joe Cuba’s Madness Part 1
08 – Joe Cuba’s Madness Part2

Produced by Joe Cain. Original release on Tico Records.

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