Terry Callier – What Color Is Love? (1972)


What Color Is Love?
Originally Released 1972 on Cadet Records
This reissue, 1998

1 Dancing Girl (Callier) 9:02
2 What Color Is Love (Callier) 4:06
3 You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman (Braxton, Callier) 7:20
4 Just as Long as We’re in Love (Callier, Wade) 3:41
5 Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun) (Callier) 4:21
6 I’d Rather Be with You (Butler, Callier, Wade) 6:40
7 You Don’t Care (Callier, Wade) 5:28

A very beautiful record, sent out to my beautiful friends out there in the blogosphere who have request a repost of this in FLAC. This album deserves a new write-up from me, because it truly is an essential record that does not bear easy comparison to anything else. With one foot still tangled in his folk roots, and the other in the Chicago soul scene (Callier participated in Jerry Butler’s composers’ workshop), it is one of those genre-transcending gems that was probably destined to go over most peoples’ heads until being “rediscovered” for the work of genius it is, decades later. The first track hits so hard and is so gripping that it takes repeated listens to appreciate the strength of some of the other material. Here is the text of my original post:
The first time I heard the song “Dancing Girl”, I stopped whatever it was I was busying my hands with at the time and just stood still as stone, listening. And then I sat down. I’d never heard anything quite like it before, and really haven’t since. Even in the repertoire of Callier it is a singular thing. To say it “defies categorization” is beside the point, as accurate an observation as that is. This song actually stands outside of time, still as stone, while making razorsharp cuts in and out of the landscape of the 1972 united states. It’s a sound sculpture, with an almost transparent artistry that deflects your ear away from its own strangeness. Again, there is little need to wax poetic over this — just listen to it yourself. This review, from Mojo magazine, fills in the pertinent details about Callier and this album.


in 320kbs em pee tree


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  2. got this one, great album 🙂
    Same thing with me on first hearing "Dancing Girl" …

  3. pass invalid on mp?

    – Happy subscriber

  4. THANKS!!!!!!!!!
    Finally! Since I look that cover, (first shock), and than found the mp3 shit file and heard it (second shock), I look for a good sound of this, and goes some years yet!

    Obrigado grande Flabber. que Deus lhe devolva essa mesma alegria com que nos brinda com suas relíquias. E desculpe-me pelo meu inglês tacanho.


  5. let's not under-estimate the genius of charles stepney as well here! 😉

  6. Hey F. Thanks for posting this. I'm pretty psyched to hear it based on your descriptions and stuff I've read elsewhere, but the link seems to be invalid. Any tips?

  7. Hi Andrew, well.. that's annoying isn't it. Try this one that I found —


  8. Thanks for sharing this amazing diamond in the rough!

  9. Amazing album! Thanks a lot man!

  10. This isn't lossless. It's cut off. Look at the EAC, I think he left his settings at 320kbps.

  11. ^^^ Not true. The FLAC command line in EAC tells it to disregard bitrate settings, so the 320 is irrelevant. I know it looks weird on older versions of EAC.

    Take a look using Foobar or some other app that analyzes the actual bitrate of the files, for example:

    Duration : 40:44.933 (107 821 560 samples)
    Sample rate : 44100 Hz
    Channels : 2
    Bits per sample : 16
    Avg. bitrate : 779 kbps
    Codec : FLAC
    Encoding : lossless
    Tool : reference libFLAC 1.1.0 20030126
    Embedded cuesheet : no

  12. Os links estão vencidos

  13. An amazing artist, people do some research, you will not be sorry 🙂

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