Hyldon – Nossa História de Amor (1977)


Nossa História de Amor
Released 1977 on CBS 137994
Reissued in 2001 on CD by Sony/CBS (2-495860)
Remastered by Ricardo Soares under supervision of Charles Gavin

1 Eu gostaria de saber (Hyldon)
2 Conselhos (Hyldon)
3 Eu sou um anjo (Hyldon)
4 O gavião solitário (Hyldon)
5 Porque vivo só (Tereza, Alex Malheiros, Hyldon)
6 Nossa história de amor (Hyldon)
7 Estão dizendo por aí (Hyldon)
8 Solange (Hyldon)
9 Amor platônico (Hyldon)
10 Rainha de Copacabana (Hyldon)

Arrangements by Walter Branco

Special participation of Ed Lincoln on organ, tracks 1 and 5 (also flute arrangements for 5)
and Domiguinhos on accordion on track 6

I wrote a very lengthy review of Hyldon’s first album that you can find HERE… A lot of the adjectives and descriptions apply just as easily to this record. I suggest you take a look at that one, get some of the background about him and what I think of the dude, and listen to it along with this one. This album lacks the breathtaking sweep of that debut but is a solid album of strummy-folk-soul music Brazilian style. Comparisons to Terry Callier and Jon Lucien or Bill Withers might apply more if Hyldon’s voice was a little less shrill. And he is definitely less funky on this record. But his sense of orchestrations and building a vibe still reminds me of those guys a bit.

This is actually Hyldon’t third album.. His second LP, “Deus, A Natureza, e A Música” is also great, and easily the weirdest thing in his catalog. It expands a bit on the psychedelic undertones of his debut and takes more risks with the orchestrations and ideas. In fact it might have been that risk that inspired Hyldon to go back sometime in the last 10 years and prepare it for a CD release by RECORDING A BUNCH OF IT and replacing the original tracks, and totally remixing. May I respectfully ask, sir — WHAT THE FUCK?? I thought we were passed that phase of musical cannibalism in the digital era.. But, indeed, the only CD pressing of that album to date has drums that sound like they were recorded and mixed in the 1990s instead of 1976 (and in spite of having been recorded post-2000, I believe). I happen to own the vinyl of the same album, which wasn’t so easy to come by, and I can say that they are like listening to two entirely different albums. For this reason I will actually REFUSE to rip and share it here. I don’t care how much you ask me to do it or if you offer me money, I just won’t poison the well with that CD. I have planned to do a vinyl rip of my copy for a long time, but in spite of being very clean has one skip on it which I am going to have to try and fix somehow…

In any case, although I love that second album, it can be accused of over-reaching itself in its ambition. This album is probably more of a solid and satisfying listen overall. A well-balanced record and the mastering is pretty decent (and nice of Gavin to include technical notes on the equipment used – Manley Compressors, woo-hoo!) All of the songs are good and some will have you singing along after only a listen or two. As long as you don’t compare it to the sonic orgasm of “Na Rua, Na Chuva, Na Fazenda”, which will always be his best album that he could never surpass, this is a top-notch record and ought to appeal to a broad range of music-lovers regardless of language or cultural difference.

A whole truckload of people played on this album, too many to name. See the simple single-fold booklet for the complete list.

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