João Gilberto – João Gilberto (1961) Vinyl Rip 24bit-96khz

1961 Odeon (MFOB 3202)

1 Samba da minha terra
(Dorival Caymmi)
2 O barquinho
(Roberto Menescal, Ronaldo Bôscoli)
3 Bolinha de papel
(Geraldo Pereira)
4 Saudade da Bahia
(Dorival Caymmi)
5 A primeira vez
(Marçal, Bide)
6 O amor em paz
(Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes)
7 Você e eu
(Carlos Lyra, Vinicius de Moraes)
8 Trem de Ferro-Trenzinho
(Lauro Maia)
9 Coisa mais linda
(Carlos Lyra, Vinicius de Moraes)
10 Presente de natal
(Nelcy Noronha)
11 Insensatez
(Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes)
12 Este seu olhar
(Tom Jobim)


Vinyl First Pressing -> Pro-Ject RM-5SE turntable (with Sumiko Blue Point 2 cartridge, Speedbox power supply) > Creek Audio OBH-15 -> M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Soundcard -> Adobe Audition 3.0 at 24-bits 96khz -> Click Repair light settings, additional clicks and pops removed in Audition -> dithered and resampled using iZotope RX Advanced -> ID Tags done in foobar2000 v.1.0.1 and Tag & Rename. No EQ or compression or nuthin.

Flabbergast’s review:
Every song a symphony in two minutes.

Features arrangements from Antonio Carlos Jobim and the Walter Wanderley Trio on accompaniment.

Everything on this classic album is classic. At the time an innovator of almost unimaginable proportions, today’s João Gilberto’s work is classic. And all the classic songs written by classic composers are interpreted, with class, on this classic early entry in the catalog of João’s classic discography.

It is filled with genius staples in the ‘bossa nova canon’ – “O barquinho”, “Você e eu,” and “Insensatez” for example, which have all been recorded numerous times by numerous people in numerously worthwhile interpretations. But one of João Gilberto’s shamanic skills was taking a tune like Caymmi’s “Samba da minha terra” and transforming it while retaining its essence like an alchemist distilling a musical elixir of eternal youth. Plus, he sings the line “chicken din, chk nndong n a din, ch dongdongdong ch diiiiing, ch dondong ch ch ding ch ch don don don” in it.
Which reminds me, I have to remark one of his other remarkable talents, his onomatopoetic skills evident on songs like “Trem de Ferro-Trenzinho”… Who else can do that and not sound silly? Or better yet, who else can do that and stay in time with his complex syncopation? The album closes with one of my favorite Jobim compositions “Este seu olhar”, a true gem of lovelorn melancholic transcendence. Off the top of my head I can’t think of anybody else who recorded this (I’m sure I’m wrong) but it doesn’t matter – there is no surpassing the master’s masterful mastery of this one.

About the only tune I find a little tedious is ‘Presente de natal’ that manages to combine a love song and a Christmas song in what is a bit of an overdose of glucose for me. Small quibble about a masterful album from a master. But I have to feign a critical ear, right?

I hope you all enjoy this vinyl rip. It is from a first pressing vinyl copy from an album that is HALF A CENTURY OLD so of course there is some surface noise. But I find it quite nice. The second side of the album has more distortions than the first, for whatever reason. Perhaps some day I will score another copy and do a combined-rip super-upload.
Lest I forget, I was planning this post a long while back to celebrate João’s 80th birthday. Then I sort of forgot it was upon us. So, this is a day late, but I have a feeling we will be celebrating him for a while this year still!

in 320 kbs

16bit-44.1khz FLAC

24bit-96khz FLAC LOSSLESS

HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY, João Gilberto, born June 10, 1931

password / senha / shamanic chant in the comments

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  1. the master password of mastery is:

  2. Que presente para comemorar o aniversário do genial baiano!
    Muito obrigada,de verdade.

  3. thank you for this beautiful post 🙂

  4. This is a lovely, lovely album, and you're a wonderful blogperson.

  5. Thanks for posting. Let's not forget his revolutionary way of playing violao. He took the batucada and put it into his right hand: his thumb is the two surdos, his other fingers are the tamborim, ago-go, etc., doing all this while singing, sort of tapping his head and rubbing his stomach at the same time. O Mestre!

  6. Fantastic thank you, cheers from Melbourne Australia

  7. thanks bro. from the usa.

  8. Sensacional!!!
    A tempo busca discos de qualidade como estes!
    Muito Obrigado mesmo!!

  9. thank you for the great music in HD quality.

  10. Oooo, this is one of the all-time great records. Any chance on freeing up the rapidshare links? Many thanks for everything. I agree with the special mention of Este seu olhar, it's a tune that I've been playing for years in various settings and has such a perfect lilting melody.

  11. Acho que eu quase desmanchei quando vi que esse link ainda estava funcionando.

    Um rip de vinil do João Gilberto feito por quem entende do assunto (em 24/96)… eu não sei, acho que não acreditaria se não tivesse acabado de escutar essa maravilha agora mesmo.

    Como foi bom escutar esse disco em um estéreo de boa qualidade, nossa. Muito, muito obrigado, Flabber.

  12. Do you by any chance have a mirror for the 24bit-96khz FLAC LOSSLESS file? The one above isn’t working. Thanks.

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