Joyce – Curriculum (2011) {Rarities 1964-1972}


Rarities and singles, 1964-1972
Released by Discobertas, May 2011

01. Olhos Feiticeiros (com Sambacana)
02. Você, Por Telegrama
03. A Vez e A Voz da Paz
04. Dia de Vitória
05. Andança
06. Sem Mais Luanda
07. Cavaleiro Andante
08. Andréa
09. Copacabana Velha de Guerra
10. Please Garçon
11. Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5
12. Sei Lá (com A Tribo)
13. Onocêonekotô (com A Tribo)
14. Kyrie (com A Tribo)
15. Tapinha (com A Tribo)
16. Peba & Pobó (com A Tribo)
17. Caqui
18. Adeus Maria Fulô
19. Nada Será Como Antes
20. Pessoas

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It would take me half my life and more money than I possess to gather together all the material on this collection, which represents the earliest recordings by Joyce Moreno, whose artistic name during these days was simply “Joyce”. She is internationally famous and well-respected for her classy bossa and MPB albums these days. But in the beginning, she was a pretty courageous, experimental and prodigious talent. The first track on this album, Olhos Feiteiçeiros, was recorded when she was only SIXTEEN YEARS old at the instigation of Roberto Menescal with the group Sambacana. Why do I have lecherous images of Menescal giving Joyce “a back rub” in the studio to relax her? oh that’s right, because I’m a pervert.

There is a gap of four years between that 1964 recording and the rest of the material on this collection. Beginning in 1968 it is as if she didn’t sleep. Makes me feel really lazy, like I ought to make something useful out of my life. She had innumerable songs entered into the famous Festivals (none of them winners), released singles, had songs included on soundtracks to telenovelas, got married to Nelson Angelo and had kids, all before 1972. Two of those festival songs were also recorded (with more positive public reception) by Beth Carvalho – Andança, and Cavalheira Andante. But these versions are super cool, as is the original recording of “Copacabana Velha de Guerra” which would be rerecorded by Elis Regina on her 1970 album “Em Pleno Verão.” I have to say.. I think I like Joyce’s original better.

As fun as the first part of the disc might be, it is with this last song that things start to get really intriguing. Hanging out with the likes of Luis Eça and Nelson Angelo, her music took on a pointedly trippy and experimental edge, influenced by Tropicália but not dominated by it, in fact seeming to be on another path entirely, one that ran from the pristine beaches of Rio with its sunlight reflected in water and flesh and up through the climbing hills and mountains of Minas Gerais where the sun grows colder and refracts in the jagged edges of stone and crystal rock formations. And that’s why it seems natural that by the end of this she is recording a composition from the Clube da Esquina (Nada Será Como Antes by Milton Nascimento and Ronaldo Bastos), and the compilation ends right at the time when she would make her cult-worshiped landmark album with Nelson Angelo in 1972 of pastoral acoustic psychedelia. Although I am partial to the sonic orgasm of that album, but she continued to put out strong albums — Feminina and Água e Luz are probably the most cohesive and consistent, representing something like her creative peak. And she deserves particular credit for being a writer-composer and instrumentalist in a musical landscape where women in MPB have mostly been confined to the role of “interpreter.” This one should not be passed up.


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  2. And the wonders just keep on coming — thanks again!

  3. Thanks for this, been looking for it for ages!

  4. just learned of this. muchas mf gracias

  5. Oooooo….I've only heard a few of these sides. I'm all a-flutter. Loves me some Joyce!

  6. Wow, this looks great.
    A Tribo's "Sei La" is featured on a telenovela soundtrack from the 1970s. Ever since i heard it, i was eager to hear other tracks from this group.

    Great share, thanks!

  7. Ah! My mac doesn't recognize these files! what format is .flac?

  8. thanks for the great posts!love joyce and nelson cavaquinho…steve

  9. Wow. Again. Thanx!

  10. some weird & beautiful stuff on this album. don't know that i like her voice that much, but hey: i'm a worshipper of the great elis…thanks for everything you share with us, flabbergast. grs barry

    mac lady: download vlc player for flac!

  11. to maryanne…download "easywma" or similar mp3 converter. at least you can enjoy a 320rip. and flab… thanx for this beauty 🙂

    paw, cph

  12. Thanks, Flab.
    After a two-month wait, my copy of this finally arrived from Brazil two days ago. Discobertas is doing such great work, rescuing and issuing obscure stuff like this. Their Gilberto Gil package is also amazing.
    That said, this CD is almost identical to an MP3 collection posted about 5 years ago by some dedicated fan called Rare Tracks. It has an almost identical running order, and even the same cover image. Curriculum does have markedly better sound — pitch-corrected and in stereo on some songs that were mono on Rare Tracks — and it has four songs not on the Internet collection, which is great. It's especially cool that they dug out the 1964 recording off the Sambacana LP.
    However, one of those four songs is the studio version of Copacabana Velha de Guerra from Joyce's second album, Encontro Marcado, which collectors will already have, whereas Rare Tracks has a completely different live version with an orchestral arrangement. Also, for some reason, curriculum omits one of the songs from the 1971 Odeon compacto duplo, The Man From the Avenue (which fortunately is available on The Essential Joyce).
    I don't mean to be geeky here, but I guess what I'm saying is that, as good as it is, Curriculum is maddeningly short of being complete by a hair. Mind you, Joyce is so prolific, it wouldn't surprise me if there were other unknown recordings still out there. And it wouldn't be hard to do a Volume 2 with her later material, that's for sure.

  13. pawylshyn, thanks so much for your post. I would curb your enthusiasm about Discobertas 'doing such great work' though, as their reissues of three Candeia albums will prove. I bought them all, in spite of my growing doubts about the label, and I returned them all with complaints to the shop. I was cool about it, because I suppose sound is 'subjective' and its not normal for them to take a return just because a customer says 'this sounds like ass,' but the awful sound quality PLUS the fact that one of the CDs has the songs all out of order on the tray card (they are in the current order on the disc, thankfully), plus the fact that I spend hundreds of dollars in their shop in an era when hardly anyone buys CDs anyway.. well anyhow you get the idea, and I got a store credit. The Candeia reissues are a total disgrace and sound like they were taken from extremely poor quality vinyl or even cassette tapes, and with digital distortion that *anyone* with 2 months of audio engineering experience could recognize as being VERY wrong and NOT part of the original source material. I was so excited to see those titles back on a record shelf, and so nervous to see Discobertas as the label, and then so crestfallen when I put them on when I got home. I have no idea why they feel compelled to release 100 titles in a single year instead of spending some more time researching them and actually paying for a decent mastering job. Greed perhaps? The worst thing about this — most likely, nobody will reissue this material now for the next 10 years, so these reissues are truly a 'mixed blessing.' Discobertas is starting to seem more and more like a pseudo-legit label like Radioactive.. I had contemplated getting their Ed Lincoln box, and especially the 100 Anos de Música Brasileira which has the Project Minverva radio series in its entirety (I think) that until now you could only find once in a blue moon on vinyl… But forget it — I refuse to give them any more money for this bullshit they are putting out..

  14. Friend dubbed me this off a CD the other day. Love it, thought I'd look online for info … and of course it's here 🙂 Thanks for the great and informative writeup!

  15. To Pawlyshin. Man, you're quite wrong about comparing Curriculum with Rare Tracks! Curriculum has only 3 tracks appearing on Rare Tracks and is basically quite another thing, also much better, with a miniature reproduction of the album covers from which the tracks were culled from.

  16. Any chance you could reup the megaupload links to another service?

  17. fixed it for you 😉

  18. Wow, speedy! Thanks!

  19. A real find for me. Thanks much for all your care and work. Peace…

  20. Thanks much for all your care a work. Peace….

  21. Any chance of re-up? I have what I think is 16 minutes from this record and I'm dying to find out what this great music is. Thanx for your terrific effort & shares!

  22. Can you please re-upload this if you still have the files (FLAC version). Thanks

  23. How can I download this!?

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