Marcos Valle – The Lost Sessions (1966)



Marcos Valle

“The Lost Sessions”

Originally recorded in 1966

Released in 2011 in the boxset Marcos Valle Tudo

1. Os grilos (Crickets sing for Ana Maria)

2. Uma lágrima

3. Lá eu não vou

4. Batucada surgiu (Batucada)

5. Primeira solidão

6. O amor é chama

7. É preciso cantar

8. Pensa

9. Mais vale uma canção

10. Lenda

11. Se você soubesse

Bonus tracks

12. Os grilos (instrumental version)

13. Batucada surgiu (instrumental version)

Marcos Valle – piano, acoustic guitar, vocals on tracks 1, 4, and 7

Dom Salvador – piano

Unknown musicians – everything else

Arrangements and orchestrations – Eumir Deodato, Geraldo Vespar and Marcos Valle

Produced by Milton Miranda

This is actually the “last” disc in the boxset but I am sharing it out of respect for several regular blog readers, particularly pawylshyn, who know much more about Marcos than I do and who are being tortured by the long wait for this disc of ‘unreleased’ material. In fact quite a few tracks appeared on the expensive Japanese pressings of the normal albums (which I believe he has, all of them..) but this album’s release is still a blessing to the world This is the album Marcos was working on when his second album — containing the hits of the title track (Preciso Aprender Ser Só) and *especially* “Samba de Verão”, which was covered in the US by Frank Sinatra, Connie Francis, and Ruben & The Jets — blew up on the record charts and he became an internationally-known name. Enter Ray Gilberto, most famous for writing that lovely song “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah”, but who at the time was writing English lyrics for Tom Jobim’s compositions to be released stateside. So basically they convinced Marcos to stop what he was working on, record a mostly instrumental album that I don’t think is very good (Braziliance!, although we’ve established opinions differ on that one) and then go to the US and make ‘Samba 68’ (which IS good). The abandoned album has had tracks show up here and there, mostly on the expensive Japanese reissues of some of his original catalog. But here is the original albumas it was when Marcos abandoned it. I’ll hremark again how cool I think it is that he left things just as they found them when they dug out the master tapes. No additional overdubs or studio trickery. The result is a somewhat spare but beautiful record that leaves it to our imaginations to ‘complete’. It would have come between two of Marcos’ most profound albums (O compositor e o cantor and A viola enluarda) had he not embarked on his “American journey”.

in 320 kbs em pe tree

in FLAC (single fileset) /// Mirror One

password in commentaries

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  1. Hi, your mp3 encoding is 160kbps

  2. All I can say is Oh My God, thanks very much for this 🙂

  3. 160!!! WTF. Those who know me well know I would never do that intentionally. Sorry, not sure how that happened, link is now offline until further notice!

  4. new link up already! thanks for catching that

  5. Very grateful for this appearing here in chronological order and thus the "torture" ending early! Many thanks.

    Looking for more info on Marcos' stay in the US and the Mendes/Valle single, i found this nice interview, with Marcos telling a funny little episode about Anamaria being chat up by Marlon Brando…:

  6. The four vocal tracks, Os Grilos, . O Amor É Chama, É Preciso Cantar and Batucada Surgiu were released as an EP ("compacto duplo") in 1967. On the Japanese remasters, they were split between the O Compositor and Viola Enluarada albums, but this seems like a much better way to place them. Looking forward to hearing this.

  7. thanks for the info pawylshyn! Worth pointing out, though that the version of "O amor é chama" on this one does not have vocals. Perhaps the compato uses the studio version from A viola enluarda? (There is a bonus cut included on that disc in this box as well, but its an instrumental mix)

  8. You're right, Flabb. Actually, the 1967 version of Os Grilos is on the Japanese Marcos Valle (1970), which also has the remake of that song. I'll compare the two versions of O amor é chama and get back to you

  9. password ?

  10. the magical password is:

    no cutting and pasting, mac users take care to use an application that works well with RAR files

  11. thank you, 10 years ago that I'm behind this album, thanks to you can hear …

  12. Flabb, theses four albums of Marcos Valle are some of the best music I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. I thought there is no way you could top your rip of João Nogueira – 72, but you did with these. And the so called 'elevator music'? Is the best damn elevator music I've heard too. Thank you for all these jams. -Ty

  13. Hey Jazztech, wait till you hear the next few albums. You may be in for a shock!
    It's really unfortunate that this box set is so skimpy on the liner notes, but in every other way, it's an example of how to do it right. And the price is very reasonable (about $60 US for 11 CDs). So to help ensure that projects like this continue (at least for a little while longer) I've ordered my own copy.

  14. @ pawlyshyn : Where can I order this excellent boxset ? Dustygroove is out of stock, amazon doesn't know it, and my local (surviving) reseller don't know about brazilian oldies …and I don't understand brazilian/portugese ! help !

    PS As usual a HUGE thank you for Simon to share all this good music (for years now!)

  15. Calmos, I think you have the wrong blog.. Simon's is Never Enough Rhodes. An estimable institution and inspiration to us all. I am slightly crestfallen. (cry)

  16. Caimos, I usually order from Livraria Cultura, but the site is in Portuguese, and you'll find the postage is steep for just a single item. To Canada, it works out to 130 reais for the box set, plus 45 reais postage. Here's the link:
    You can also try Sambastore, which has an English option. It's 148 reais plus postage:
    Or you could also try eBay,. I've had good luck with the vendor popstris, who can seemingly get his hands on any Brazilian CD and speaks English:
    Happy shopping!

  17. pawylshyn, how do you know Livraria Cultura! I shop there all the time, its a great place. And I never knew they shipped abroad, I just get stuff in store. But R$45 postage seems cheap for an 11-CD box, are you talking about just a single item still?

    I would also like to put in a good word for Dusty Groove, where I used to frequent when I lived in Chicago but also ships all over the damn globe. Great place, great staff, exquisite selection. Not sure if they have this box but eventually they probably will, and they don't mark things up too terribly much.

    "A viola enluarda" is coming later today. I've had trouble writing a description that is worthy of that album and have finally given up — words can`t do it justice anyway.

  18. Cultura is an amazing bookstore/institution. I had a problem with a defective DVD, and a defectiveCD from a Caetano box set, which I didn't notice till nearly two years after I bought them. They replaced them, even testing them for me to make sure, with no questions asked. Amazing service. Postage is R$45 for the first item, box set or not, then $R5 for subsequent items.
    As for Dusty Groove, I agree they have a great selection, but they've been marking things up way too much lately. For instance, they're asking $30 for the latest Milton Nascimento CD, and $23 for those Chico Buarque CD books from Editora Abril, which were selling on the newsstands for R$15.
    Viola Enluarada is such a masterpiece. You guys are in for a treat.

  19. First of all SORRY, "Flabbergast" I was in a hurry when I wrote the message and mixed your name with Simon's one ! So don't cry, you BOTH made excellent work sharing to make us discover tasty music !

    @pawlyshyn : thanks for the links, I'll check if it's possible for them to send the boxset here (in France) …

  20. invalid link

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