Marcos Valle – Marcos Valle (1974)


Released 1974 on Odeon (SMOFB 3854)
Reissued 2011 in the box Marcos Valle Tudo

1 No rumo do sol
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
2 Meu herói
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
3 Só se morre uma vez
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
4 Casamento, filhos e convenções
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
5 Remédio pro coração
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
6 Brasil X México
(Marco Valle)
7 Tango
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
8 Nossa vida começa na gente
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
9 Novelo de lã
(Walter Mariani, Marcos Valle)
10 Cobaia
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
11 Charlie Bravo
(Marcos Valle)

Marcos Valle – vocals, piano, arrangements
Tavito – arrangements
Wagner Tiso – keyboards
José Roberto Betrami – keyboards
Helio Delmiro – electric guitar
Luizão Maia and Alex Malheiros – bass
Robertinho Silva – drums
Vocals – Márcio Lott, Renato Correa, Ronaldo Correa, Marisinha, Regininha, Malu, Aninha e Claudio Telles

Produced by Milton Miranda
Musical direction by Lindolfo Gaya
Production assistant – Tavito
Recording technicians – Roberto, Dacy and Toninho
Remix engineer – Z.J. Merky
Photos and layout – Flavio D’Alincourt
Art – Roberto Souza
Cover – Juarez Machado

2011 reissue coordinated by Charles Gavin
Supervision by Marcos Valle
Remastered by Ricardo Gardia at Magic Master, RJ


Marcos Valle’s restive spirit once again sees him changing things up. Rather than attempt to repeat the winning formula of 1973’s “Previsão do Tempo”, this album finds Marcos nesting in the clouds of baroque pop and blue-eyed soul. The vocal and orchestral arrangements – aided and abetted by composer Tavito – are meticulous, and the production, as always, is first-rate and delicious. Largely a mellow affair dominated by ballads, it is punctuated with a few more upbeat tunes beginning the with sensitive anti-hero anthem “Meu herói.” While not packing the pure funk punch of the Azymuth tunes of the last album, there are some funky hooks – “Casamentos, filhos e convenções” has a very satisfying chorus with chord changes to offset the verse well enough to be called perfection. Clavinet through a wah-pedal mixed with strings, brass, piano. Very nice analog synth work from Wagner Tiso and José Roberto Betrami on the whole record. The song “Remedio pro coração” reminds me of Taiguara’s albums from the early to mid 70s, but less melancholic and angst-ridden. “Tango” is probably the only Marcos Valle tune to have a bandeon, and is actually almost a tango, and a great song. “Nossa vida começa a gente” is a sonic orgasm, its lush pop exterior subverted by the inclusion of what appears to be a surdo drum dropped into the chorus that would almost make this prime material for a dub remix (but.. please don’t do this). “Novela de lã” is another ballad, downbeat with a lot of room for dynamics, muted electric guitar sneaking in some jazz chords, Hammond organ threatening to swell but never actually doing so, and of course more layered vocal harmonies. “Cobaia” is one of my favorite slow tunes on the album mostly due to the piano line that comes in about 27 seconds in and its interplay with the acoustic guitar. The whole album is full of these subtle touches that disguise the sheer creativity of the arrangements. Seven of the eleven songs clock in around two and a half minutes, three tunes barely crack the three-minute mark, and the album closes with one “long” tune that almost reaches five minutes, the gorgeous instrumental “Charlie Bravo”, which has Wagner Tiso’s influence in it pretty strongly. There is no track by track sessionography for this that I am aware of, which is a shame for this tune in particular – I have a feeling that Marcos himself may not even play on the song but only composed it. Well, “only” composed a five-minute elegy to his own legacy in a composition that evokes everything that came before on the record, and in a way much of his achievements as a musician and composer over the last decade. It is both a fitting and beguiling closer to this very necessary boxset. It leaves me wanting to hear more – and once again, these last few in the box lack any alternate mixes or bonus tracks – but it also reminds that there is already so much here to keep a lover of good music happy, we should really just be thankful.

I know it was a long wait for this last piece of the Valle box. I hope its been worth it. By far this box has been the most satisfying reissues of any Brazilian artist’s back catalog in many years.



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    Só faltava esse pra mim

  3. thanks for this – u do a great service!
    I can confirm the original first pressing came with an insert showing lyrics and players on each track & to answer your question Marcos does indeed play acoustic piano on 'Charlie Bravo'

  4. Thanks for clearing that up Quimsy, I really was curious. I have a friend with a vinyl copy and was going to ask him to take a look for me but you just saved him the trouble. 😉

    Prezado Anônimo, pois é, o blog tá rebendo algumas ameaças e acho melhor mudar o formato para aquele que quase todos os outros já usam, inclusive blogeiros brasileiros como Toque Musical. É preciso cortar e colar numa janela nova. Mais isso não é tão dífil, pelo amor de deus, rsrs!.. Acho que eu já fiz minha parte, o post é trabalho maior, caraí

  5. Just discovered your blog. Simply wonderful! Thanks so much. Valle is a true musical genius.

  6. Never knew what to make of this…

    Seems that i need to give it another listen. Thanks for the chance to hear it in lossless!

  7. Many thanks for all the hard work you've put into sharing these reissues. I really appreciate your commentary & context, helps me to enjoy the music even more 🙂

  8. pelo amor de deus, tao ate reclamando q o linque ta nos comentarios??

    thanks for the fantastic posts, these are great sounding reissues. like some previous commenters, i wasn't overly enamored of this album compared to previous ones but your post has also lead me to rediscover.

    btw, since gil was such an outspoken advocate for open source, free sharing and whatnot during his tenure as minister, i'd hope he wouldn't support persecution/prosecution of those sharing his old albums.

  9. rsrsrsrs, são sem vergonha mesmo..

    This is not my favorite album of the box either and in fact part of the reason why it took so long to post this one is that I wanted to listen to it several times across several days and have something more positive to write about it. I made a mistake by slagging 'Braziliance!' because it was never particularly my favorite but now after listening to it more (it's nice to have a physical copy and not just crappy mp3s to reach for) I decided that I didn't give it enough credit. Hopefully I didn't over-sell this one to my loyal blog readers!

    And yes, I have been thinking the same thing about Gil and his stance as minister (where he was also outspokenly for the Creative Commons, and encouraged fans to record his live shows and do whatever they wanted to with them). But even if he doesn't support harassing music fans on the internet, his *label* might. And the long arm of the US-driven R$AA actually made me take down a João Donato album that was never released in the US, which seems truly absurd.

    Probably old gems like Expresso 2222 are safe.

    I have wondered if Gil left the job of Minister because of pressures about these things, fighting an uphill battle to reform a corrupt industry — especially since he has been replaced with Chico Buarque's sister Ana, who is in favor of maintaining the current outmoded system in the interest of 'authorial rights'.

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