Re-ups Part 5 – Nov 10


I promise there are some new posts coming soon.  But for now here are a handful of old broken posts that have been fixed.  Enjoy!



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  1. Greetings, I am posting here because I was not able to figure out how to post in the "Impressions – Keep on Pushing…" entry. For The Impressions there are 2 problems with the downloads. The MP3 link (mediafire) is blocked and the FLAC entry actually downloads the FLAC file for "Willie Rosario – Fabuloso y Fantastico". Thank you for the time and work that you put into this blog.

  2. Hi there, thanks for the message. The mp3 had a `mirror` link which you must have overlooked. It is now the main link since the other went down. Thanks for the heads up on the FLAC mistake, the proper link is now in place. cheers, F.

  3. poxa flabber, that henricão album is gold. i LOVE the intimate little dusty samba albums like that, especially the minor key riffs like "Ja e madrugada" e "carmelito". what else do you got that I may not have heard before?

    also interesting to read about de moraes laughter about samba in sao paulo (forget os demonios, for one!). it brings me back to the eternal question – does anyone really actually LIKE sampa or they just think they should, or they're stuck there/grew up there..

  4. I like Sampa and Paulistas both! After a few days the pollution starts killing my lungs and allergies, though. I would probably have asthma if I lived there. Vinícius said a lot of things, we shouldn't take them all so seriously

    Glad you liked Henricão 🙂

  5. I'm here just to thank you for sharing this awesome album. And also congratulations for the album review. Its great!


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