Nara Leão, Edu Lobo, Tamba Trio – 5 Na Bossa (1965)


Edu Lobo / Nara Leão / Tamba Trio
1965 Philips 632.769 L
2013 Remaster

1 – Carcará  (José Cândido, João do Vale)   
2 – Reza  (Ruy Guerra, Edu Lobo)   
3 – O trem atrasou  (Paquito, Vilarinho, Estanislau Silva)   
4 – Zambi  (Edu Lobo, Vinicius de Moraes)   
5 – Consolação  (Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes)   
6 – Aleluia  (Ruy Guerra, Edu Lobo)   
7 – Cicatriz  (Zé Keti, Hermínio Bello de Carvalho)   
8 – Estatuinha  (Gianfrancesco Guarnieri, Edu Lobo)   
9 – Minha história  (Raymundo Evangelista, João do Vale)   
10 – O morro não tem vez (Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes)   

Recorded live at the Paramount Theater, São Paulo

Remastered by Luigi Hoffer and Carlos Savalla at Digital Mastering Solutions


Well there isn’t a tremendous amount to say about this brief live record.  Solid performances from everyone involved, although the recording itself is less than prestine and seems to have been made worse by questionable remastering that now makes the album feature clipped samples and very obvious noise reduction artifacts… Why do I keep buying CDs just to hear myself complain when I know they’ll screw them up?  Well this otherwise pretty rare so there’s one reason.

Tamba Trio sounds fantastic, as usual, and the two cuts they have to themselves here are nice and long showcases.  Nara is a bit uneven, unfortunately.  Her imperfect intonation was always part of her charm, but in this live setting – inside a large auditorium-style theater and no stage monitors (being 1965) – her pitch is more off than usual.  In fact “Cicatriz,” a song that goes outside her vocal range to begin with, is a downright painful listen.  She sounds excellent singing with Edu Lobo on Aleluia, though.  Sr. Lobo just celebrated his 70th birthday, so it’s a particularly good time to enjoy this rare live recording of him in his youth.  The liner notes thank Aloysio de Oliveira (the man behind Elenco) for loaning him out for this recording.  He sings one of my favorite compositions of his too, “Reza.”


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  1. Hi. 320 link is for a ray barreto record

  2. Thanks! I've looked for a better than 128 kbps version of this for some time

  3. Thanks! I've looked for a better than 128 kbps version of this for some time

  4. thanks Flabber… got the Barreto as well 🙂

  5. Love the Tamba 3 and Edu Lobo. Thanks for this.

    Still have the Loronix vinyl rip with a fair amount of hissing and crackling @320kbps.

    Glad to get a lossless cd rip of this, even if the mastering has been overdone.

  6. Flabber, esse estilo de show que apareceu na década de '60 era curtinho assim mesmo ou essa seleção é só o que a gente tem acesso por ter sido "filtrada" pros discos de vinil?

  7. boa noite Valladão. Estou quase certinho que o disco é apenas uma selação das melhores – ou seja, o que o selo achou melhores – músicas tocadas no show. Mas também os shows dessa época foram mais curtos em geral.

  8. hi what is the password – love your blog !

  9. Hi! Years late here & hoping for a re-up if at all possible? Many thanks 🙂

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