Flabbergasted Freeform #6

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320 kbs


The wait is over!

Recorded and mixed in Adobe Audition with a Neumann U87 microphone, Pro-ject RM 5.1 turntable,  API and SSL plugins for compression and some EQ on one track that badly needed it.  iZotope RX Advanced for dithering and resampling to 16-44.1 khz.

the Flabbergasted Freeform podcast archives are here 


George McCrae – I Get Lifted
Albert Collins – Ice Pick
Carlos Cachaça – Lacrimário
Zé Ketti – Acender As Velas
Ellerine Harding – To Whom It May Concern (All I Need)
War – Magic Mountain
Lee Dorsey – Lottie Mo`68
Zé da Lua – Ulungu Wami
Jimmy Castor – Southern Fried Frijoles
Slim Gaillard – Bingie-Bingie-Scootie
Erasmo Carlos – De Noite na cama
Sabu Martinez – My Chrstina
Mystic Merlin – Goddess of the Boogie
Chairmen of the Board – Pay To The Piper
Pérez Prado – Sabra
Curtis Fuller – The Breeze and I
Ferreira and his Orchestra – Isquenta Mule
Duran – Pano Legal
Caston and
Majors – Let There Be Love


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  1. Thank you very much Flabber!!!
    Haven't heard it yet (downloading) but I'm already rejoicing with such beautiful lady and she is using the exact turntable my wife's inherited form her grandmother!

  2. Thanks.
    I had been holding my breath.
    Not recommended.

  3. can't wait to hear it,
    However i get youtube when i click on FLAC link?


  4. hahahaha!
    Well I did that on purpose, like "Rick Rolling"!

    um, actually not. Just another mistake, I am getting famous for them.

  5. Just discovered your musical blog and got in love immediately. Congratulations for the fantastic work!

  6. Goddess of the Boogie

    Is it hot in here or is it just me (and the lady with the cigarette)? You got me dancing to Flabberform until Perez Prado went *aaaaargh!*. Then I rested my bones to the trombones mas você não deixou a cuíca cair. And I had to dance some more. So once again many thanks for the vibes and obrigada pela atenção dispensada. You're the best.

    PS: Na na na na na na na na na now, ow ow ow! Ugh! Aaaargh!

  7. Sexiest cover ever <3
    Thanks again man!


  8. Very glad to see installment 6 come down the pike. The 320K link just takes me to Soundcloud though, no download. Can you fix this? Thanks in advance!

  9. Oops. Never mind about the download problem. I just noticed the DL tag on the Soundcloud player. Thank you for all you do FG!

  10. It should NOT have taken you to Soundcloud. You won't get the juicy cover graphic in that case either.

    I should take this moment to mention that Mediafire's recently-implemented interface REALLY SUCKS when it comes to getting links. It now has an automatic 'clipboard' feature that seems to only work about 50% of the time, the other half of the time you end up with the last thing you copied and pasted. This is actually why there have been so many errors with links lately, in my opinion. The interface truly sucks.

  11. You are right Flabbergast! I want the cover graphic in all its glory. It always strikes me as a bit ironic when the technology that is supposed to serve us and make life easier ends up costing us time and doesn't work like it should. *sigh*

  12. Season's Greetings from Luanda. The wait was worth it, great stuff, many thanks,


  13. Lovely mix, great selection, great sound quality! thanks again, your efforts are being highly appreciated.

    Much love from Amsterdam,


  14. killer picture, interesting mix, albert collin to slim gaillard… and some, new to me, people.
    thanks cant wait

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