Tim Maia – Tim Maia (1977) (repost)

tim maia

Because a neo-colonial gringo record label released a compilation of Tim’s material a while ago, heavily promoted by hipster-indie icons to sell CDs and overpriced vinyl to the trendy gentrifiars of American urban spaces, all of my Tim Maia blog posts got shut down on the same day.  I am reposting them for historical, archival purposes complete with my inane writings of the time they were originally posted.  Make sure to read all the appreciate comments and you will thank me later.

1 Pense menos

(Paulo Ricardo – Tim Maia)

2 Sem você

(Paulo Ricardo – Tim Maia)

3 Verão carioca

(Paulo Roquete – Reginaldo Francisco – Paulo Ricardo – Tim Maia)

4 Feito para dançar

(Paulo Ricardo)

5 É necessário

(Tim Maia)

6 Leva o meu blue

(Tim Maia)

7 Venha dormir em casa

(Tim Maia)

8 Música para Betinha

(Carlos Simões – Reginaldo Francisco – Paulo Ricardo – Tim Maia)

9 Não esquente a cabeça

(Carlos Simões – Tim Maia)

10 Ride twist and roll

(Tim Maia)

11 Flores belas (Instrumental)

(Tim Maia)

12 Let it all hang out

(Tim Maia)

Tim Maia – Vocal, drums, congas, acoustic guitar, percussion
Paulo Ricardo R. Alves – 6 and 12-string guitars, vocals,
Reginaldo Francisco – Acoustic and electric piano, organ, arp, vocal
Paulo Roberto R. Nazareth – guitar & vocal
Carlos Simões – bass
Geraldo – trumpet
Darci Seixas – trombone
Sebastião – alto saxophone
José Mauricio – guitar, vocal
César Fernando – congas, vocal
Paulo do Couto – cowbell
Guto Graça Mello – string arrangements

Production, horn and vocal arrangements – Tim Maia

Released on Som Livre 1977, reissue

According to Nelson Motta’s biography of Tim Maia, “Vale Tudo,” this record had a working title of “Verão Carioca” and marks the period where Tim began imbibing large quantities of coke. Whatever, Motta’s book is in fact poorly written, lacking any kind of sources, or even a comprehensive discography (or a partial one, for that matter). What is for certain is that this is the record where disco begins to be felt in his music in a positive way. Rug burners like “Feito Pra Dançar” nestle alongside heavy funk like “E Necessario.” Another highlight is “Não Esquente a Cabeça” which has memorable hooks and melodies, and tasty electric piano and guitar work over a smokey post-bossa pan-latin groove. It’s probably the catchiest song on here. This is prime material by polymath Tim Maia — producer, multi-instumentalist, and arranger on this record.

Motta does relate an anecdote about the rehearsals for the album, when there was construction going on right next door and all the songs ended up being arranged to the tempo of a jack-hammer. There is a reference to this on the ‘thank you’ section of the original album’s back cover.


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  1. Nossa, que fantástico!

    Notei que o link do FLAC aponta para o arquivo de 320 tb. Tem como arrumar o flac? seria demais!


  2. Maravilha!Valeu!

    Ahh..esqueci de falar.. linked teu blog no meu, tubo bem?


  3. não é problema não. Vou recipricar quando tenho um tempinho pra arrumar os links

  4. The flac link isn't working properly anymore

    I don't think it's my system, as the Herbie Mann appears to be OK.

    It may be a temporary problem with Zshare – it does tend to be a bit flaky.

  5. Ok! isso seria ótimo!

    sei como é difícil arrrajar tempo pra arrumar as coisas, fazer os posts etc..
    "tudo no seu tempo"


  6. not sure what the problem is with the link in the description but it appears to be working fine here–


  7. I think Zshare is OK again. It does have a few problems from time to time compared to the Big Two, although I suppose the issue with rapidshare is the fact that links go down after a while unless put up by a Premium member (although you do get points every time someone downloads one of your files, which can pay for the membership itself)

    It seems to be more subject to bots that search for filenames and automatically get uploads removed. Incidentally, for this reason it's best not to use recognisable names for things which might get taken down whoever you host with. i.e.instead of "Tim Maia – Tim Maia" it's probably better to call the archive something meaningless or anonymous to fool the bots, like "TMTM77" or "Holiday Photos".

    Hope this helps.

  8. Good tip on changing the files names.. I'm curious though, which are the "Big Two"? I know which one of them is (RS) but the other? I hope you don't mean MediaFire, which gave me a whole lot more trouble than ZS. Could have been the naming scheme there too I suppose.

  9. I mean Megaupload.

    I might be wrong, but MU seems to keep files for ages and tends to have less takedowns than RS – although probably more than less high profile hosts.You can also upload large files in one go like Zshare.

  10. Hey A2, for some reason I thought MU was unavailable in the country where I'm living. And I do believe that some places have trouble using it. But you are now the second person to mention it to me this week, so I will give it a try. It does not seem to be blocked for ma at the moment.

    Large files in one piece was the main reason I was using Zshare, actually. So if this works it would be nice. Thx for the tip. I do appreciate *constructive* feedback, rather than people just complaining — as tends to be the case on blogs.. Thanks again

  11. No probs. You do such an amazing job. To find serious quality files AND such a great choice is surprisingly rare. As far as I know only a few blogs like Loronix match your standard.

    The flacs are particularly valuable for me in cases where I have the LP. I hate ripping, so I understand the work involved.

    Just a heads up – I checked this file today and it seems to be down – the browser itself gives an error message. The others I've looked at are OK, so it seems to be an issue with this particular one.

  12. The link is fine at this end… But from here on out I will probably be using MU or else split archives on RS


  13. Have you thought of using sharebee?


    It's pretty cool – it uploads a file to several hosts at once. You only have to upload it once to sharebee, instead of uploading it separately to several hosts – which would be too much work for large files.

    If one or more hosts on the sharebee list delete the file, then it is usually still available on the rest of the hosts. You only have to post one link for all the mirrors, as opposed to several links.

    It might also solve the problem of hosts being unavailable in your country. Sharebee do the uploading to the host – you only upload to sharebee.

    It might be worth a try.

  14. Just to add to the comment about sharebee;

    You obviously can't upload with your hosts premium account to sharebee – as I mentioned you only upload to sharebee and they pass the file on.

    This will only be an issue if you want to collect points, or want to upload to rapidshare. Standard RS accounts (the only type of RS account that sharebee upload to as far as I'm aware)delete files after 10 downloads, or after a short time with no downloads.

  15. Funny you should bring this up because I was actually thinking about Sharebee last night and how I didn't know how it actually worked. I am drifting back towards using RS all the time for mp-three filesets, but I may try Sharebee for FLAC. All of the FLAC sets thus far are in excess of 200MB which makes them ineligible for RS standard account. THanks again

  16. Ohhhh…. seems links ar not valid anymore.

  17. Hi Emmanuel, its been fixed!!!
    man, sorry about that, I thought I had fixed those eons ago…

  18. Fantastic! Many thanks for your reactivity!

  19. Fantastic initiative, Flabber! I do have this one, and it's a scorcher (despite the habitually poor later-day remastering practices). I look forward to your re-uploading your vinyl rip of his 1973 album, your rip of the original CD pressing of TM's 1972 album, your rip of his 1971 record (ever done that?) . . . Many thanks for the initiative, and all the best to you.

  20. Fantástico, Flabber. Esse é um dos três discos amplamente considerados bons do Tim que eu, sei lá por que, escutei pouquíssimas vezes ou nem isso (os outros sendo o disco em inglês e o de '82).

    Mas diga uma coisa, você não acha que eles podem tirar os links do ar novamente?

  21. mas, Valladão, não tem links em minha postagem. Não tenho idéia nenhuma do que vc fala…

  22. É verdade, Flabber. Acho que viajei na maionese, hahaha. De qualquer forma, acho que vou apreciar a minha cópia desse disco agora mesmo. Obrigado por me lembrar dele.

  23. I didn't think this album got off to a very good start based on the first 2 songs. The first tune had a pedestrian melody and was a bit too repetitive. The 2nd song was a slow tune that was better but wasn't welcome after the first miss. After that though, this thing really got moving and I was dancing at my stand-up desk and really digging the grooves. In the long run I was easily won over and enjoyed it very much. Great funky grooves, complex mixes and great vocals. Very nice. Thank you Flabbergast!

    P.S. That dude in the front of the picture looks like the Brazilian version of Kenny G!

  24. Caro Flabber,

    você sabe alguma coisa sobre esse album de 1993 do Tim?

    Link: http://www.discosdobrasil.com.br/discosdobrasil/consulta/detalhe.php?Id_Disco=DI01575

    Não me parece ser uma coletânea, mas curiosamente ele não consta na discografia oficial do nosso síndico. Não encontrei muita informação sobre ele, por isso agradeço se me ajudar.

    FLAC aqui: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/8506360/Tim_Maia#filelistContainer


  25. Gracias!!

  26. Muchas gracias!!

  27. Thank you, buddy.

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