Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour # 10 – Festivus edition

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I will post two downloadable versions later today, in mp3 and FLAC.  Gotta sleep now, Santa is tired.320 kbs download

Note: I mistakenly read from my notes that I had played the track “Tequila” by  Juncal y Sus Calistos!  I actually dropped this tune from the set, because it’s so damn sloppy that it pretty much brings your groove to a crash landing.  Fun tune, but not fun enough.

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Primeiro Eu – Elza Soares
Sumpin’ Jumpin’ Around Here – Sandy Williams Big Eight feat.
Johnny Hodges
Shark – Mixed Bag
Hang In – Gwen McCrae
Find Out – Monomono
Calypso Be Bop – Lord Flea
Groovin High – Dizzy Gillespie with Gil Fuller and the
Montery Jazz Orchestra
Batucada   Surgiu –
James Moody also with Gil Fuller and the
Os Olhos –
Rubinho e Mauro Assumpção
Carimbó de
Dezembro – Candango de Ype
Ce Pas – Tabou Combo
Born in Bethlehem – The Stape Singers


That’s How It Goes – Black Merda
Come Into My Life – The Supremes
Middle of the Night – Lalo Schifrin
Corrina – Bukka White
J.P. Boogie
– James P Johnson
Estrada do
Sol – Sylvia Telles
Mestre Sala
dos Mares – Elis Regina
Windmills of your Mind – Barbara Lewis
Satan – Jon Lucian
Angel of the Morning – Joya Landis
My Favorite Things – John Coltrane (featuring Eric Dolphy)
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  1. Climbing every mountain here (literally and figuratively) to the sound of your music. Thanks for the high and Happy Holidays, dear.

  2. olha, so queria dizer que feliz que fiquei qdo vi q seu blog tinha voltado. i had been so sad to see it go.

    parabens e obrigado

    Feliz 2015!

  3. DONT you go MIA again, give us a little something something

  4. Sorry, it’s me again 🙁

    For #10 there is no Flac file (when d/l’ing, it says something like “file is missing”)

    No Flac as well for the latest of your masterworks (i.e. #15).

    The good news: All other links are working pretty well 🙂

    • Thanks for helping with this. These last two could be as simple as my having forgotten to put the file extension in the URL (if it does not end in .rar, you will get that error). The ones that are all switched around, however, will take me a little time to figure out.

    • Reply #2 – Oh no, those shows I am actually MISSING the FLAC files, which is insane considering how much work I put into these. They must be around somewhere but they are not in the directories with the others. I don’t know why Mediafire deleted the FLAC file for #10.

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