Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour No. 13


Flabbergasted Freeform seems to be coming back to a monthly thing, the way it was always intended.  It’s not quite in time for the blue moon of July but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. I noticed the Mixcloud stream is markedly lower-resolution than what I uploaded there, so you might consider downloading the files directly below.

Download in 320 kbs

Download in FLAC

 Russ Henderson and His Caribbean Boys – West Indian Drums
Gary Bartz NTU Troop – Uhuru Sasa
Honey Cone – When Will It End
Fernando Mendes – Não Vou Mudar
Gene Chandler and Jerry Butler – Sho’ Is Groovin
Watusi – Oio Gere
Space Art – Welcome To Love
The John Betsch Society – Open Pastures
Mississippi Fred Mcdowell – Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
Milton Wright – Po’ Man
Santana – When I Look Into Your Eyes
S.O.S. Band – High Hopes
Ricardo Ray and Bobby Cruz – No Tin Pena   

Dennis COffey – Can You Feel It?
The Temptations – Do Your Thing
Cold Blood – Watch Your Step
Jack McDuff – The Fourth Dimension
Mary Stallings and Cal Tjader – It Ain’t Necessarily So
Helen Humes – Flippety Flop Flop
Os Originais do Samba – Arrependimento
Paulo Diniz – Encanto
Stone Aliance – Rua da Boa Hora
Big Black – Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane
Shriley Bassey – Love
Marion Williams – My Sweet Lord
Eddie Cano and Nino Tempo – Hard Day’s Night

Background music from Carib Tokyo Steel Band and from Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtracks for Logan’s Run and Escape from the Planet of the Apes.


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  1. on a roll lately,

  2. Listening to this right now and diggin' it Flabbergast. I love your Freeform Radio stuff. I have all 13 of 'em. My only regret is that I went down the path of 320K because of iPod and now I wish I had 'em all in FLAC too. If you ever decide to re-post a compendium of the whole series in FLAC, I'll jump on it but I'm real happy to have them at all. Thank you!

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