Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour #14

I had this podcast pretty much finished and ready to go in time for a weekend release, when all hell broke loose on Friday.  Although there were only a few things to tweak, I was a bit numb and too uninspired to wrap it up until today.

There are no topical song selections here.  I do not break into any renditions of “Imagine” accompanied by my toy piano and harmonica, or engage in any other opportunistic public grieving for the fallen. Although I’ve never been there, I used to regularly frequent and sometimes work at music venues the size of the Bataclan or places slightly more intimate.  I could easily add to the cacophony of thoughts and feelings being transmitted in 360 full spectrum stereo and technicolor by spilling more ink.

Or I could just share this podcast I made.  Hope you enjoy it.

Music is healing.

320 kbs mp3





Manchild – Power and Love
Rubens da Mangueira – Dos carroceiros do Imperador ao Palácio do samba
Abdias (and his 8 button accordion) with Não posso lhe perdoar
Dona Ivone Lara – Preá comeu
Orlando Silva – Não foi por amor
Cortijo y Su Combo – Cuembe
Andrew Hill – Ghetto Lights
Gabor Szabo – Ravi
Frankie Beverly and Maze – Happy Feelins
Shadow – Animal Kingdom
Marion Brown – Sound Structure (with Oliver Sacks and Terri Gross)
Horace Silver – Won’t You Open Up Your Senses
Messengers Incorporated – Frequency Response
Ananda Shankar – Kaziranga Beat
Joe Venuti – Clarinet Marmalede
Eddie Floyd – Changing Love
Orlandivo – Guerri-guerri
Ben Sidran – Snatch
Leon Spencer Jr – Message from the Meters
Rotary Connection – Amen
Patrice Rushen – Take You Down to Love

Grant Green – A Day In The Life

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  1. Thanks Flabbergast! I love all your freeforms!

  2. Excellent Tunes! Thank you for such a rich and vibrant podcast. Please, if you have the time, can you please share the tracklist?

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