Flabbergasted Freeform No.16 – Eternal Aftershow Part 1

So maybe you thought it was gone for good, maybe you hadn’t even noticed, but for what it’s worth here is another Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour.  And just in time for the Olympics, with which this has absolutely nothing to do, not even an obligatory Vangelis Chariots of Fire appearance.  I understand why The Games excite people, I admire the athleticism, and I guess I can dig the philosophy of the spirit behind it all, maybe, but really I just don’t care.  I don’t have much of a competitive, sporting streak at all and have trouble even relating to it, maybe that’s my problem in life.  Wake me up when the women’s beach volleyball is on, otherwise I’ll be here in my virtual windowless basement playing music. Bah humbug.

The truth is that work on this podcast began in June, and it was essentially finished at the beginning of July, but some life things were happening that made me shelve it indefinitely.  It’s not as if anything there has changed for the better now, but after listening to the mix again after a month I decided nothing fundamentally in it needed changing, at least,  and just decided to slap on the voice-over announcements and finally share it.  Sorry for holding out on y’all.

And as the indicated in the title, there are plans for a second half because I couldn’t fit everything on this one.

*p.s.  I need to find my pop filter or get another one. Sorry about the plosives.

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/flabbergastedvibes/flabbergasted-freeform-no-16-eternal-aftershow/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]

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Natalie Cole – Sophisticated Lady
Baby Huey & The Babysitters – Runnin’
Marvin Gaye – T Warms Up
Brothers Johnson – Brother Man
The Time – Cool
Shiela E – Shortberry Strawcake
Mazerati – 100 Miles an Hour
Prince – The Ball
Prince – Head
Prince – Do Me Baby (Live at MSG 1986)
Prince – What Is Hip, live at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco 1993
Prince & The Revolution – The Ladder
Jimmy McGriff – Cumayon
Gato Barbieri – Encontros Parts 1 and 3
Tribe Called Quest – Buggin Out
Earth Wind & Fire – Let Your Feelings Show
Tim Maia – Terapia do grito
Brothers Johnson – This Had To Be
Funkadelic – Loose Booty
Ron Davies – It Ain’t Easy

(Incidental music)
Ronnie Lane and Ron Wood – Title One
Victor Feldman – Serenity
Prince, “Junk Music”


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  1. Dionysian thanks for the music marathon. Do you have it on Mixcloud/Soundcloud too?

  2. Always enjoy your freeforms!!

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