Almir Guinéto – Sorriso Novo (1985)

Almir Guinéto – Sorriso Novo
1985 RGE 303.6035| Samba, Pagode|
Vinyl rip in 24bit 192 khz |FLAC |Artwork at 300 dpi

Jibóia  (Vilani Silva, Bombril)
Rendição  (Almir Guinéto, Capri, Adauto)
O Destino De Maria  (Guará, Jorginho das Rosas, Reinaldo Vilar)
Murmurio Da Caochoeira  (Beto Sem Braço, Gaurá da Empresa)
Dalila, Cadê Guará  (Almir Guinéto, Arlindo Cruz)
Vida, Vida  (Almir Guinéto, Luverci Ernesto)
Insensato Destino  (Maurício Lins, Chiquinho, Acyr Marques)
A Vaca  (Zeca Pegodinho, Ratinho)
Terezinha  (Bonsucesso, Jorginho Saberás, Jaime Harmonia)
Descendo O Morro  (Almir Guinéto, Gelcy do Cavaco, Mestre Zeca, Pedrinho da Flor)
Passe Bem  (Almir Guinéto, Luverci Ernesto)
Sorriso Novo  (Almir Guinéto, Capri, Adauto)

Recorded in 24 channels at Sigla Studio, Rio de Janeiro, 1985

Production director – Hélio Eduardo Costa Manso
Production coordinator – Marcos Salles
Production Assistant – Dilson Santos

Arrangments – Maestro Ivan Paulo
Editing – Ieddo Gouvêia
Recording and mixing engineers – Jorge Teixeira (Garrafa) and Luis Paulo (Popô)
Recording assistants – Sérgio Seabra, Jackson Paulino, Leco, Marquinho, César
Scheduling – Claudio Negão

Art direction – Wilson Santos
Photos – Oskar Sjostedt
Design coordination – Ribamar Viana
Studio manager – Hélio de Freita

Special thanks
Secretária Sarah
Tedinha do Seu Barbosa
Arlindo Cruz

Special participation: Arlindo’s pagode chorus on the track Insensato Destino

Produced and directed by Milton Manhães

Hey everybody, today is the Solstice (either winter or summer depending on your hemisphere), so I don’t need much more of a pretext to share some classic samba.  Plus this artist needs  to be memorialized here.  One-time director of the Salgueiro samba school, member of Os Originais do Samba, and founding member of Fundo de Quintal, Almir passed away at the beginning of May. I’ve ripped a couple of his solo albums as a tribute, and this will be the first of a couple posts on him.  He is credited with having made the banjo (that old African instrument) into a mainstay of this type of samba. The recording quality of this record is quite good, with sparing and tasteful application of synth patches in a couple places, but largely maintaining a “live” vibe throughout.  The big hit off this one is Insensato Destino which has the larger-than-life presence of Arlindo Cruz all over it.  Arlindo, who joined Fundo de Quintal a few records into their career and is now a hugely successful recording artist in his own right, may be samba’s equivalent of Tom Jones crossed with Barry White.  Barry, because of his ample frame, and Jones, because I have never seen women throw their underwear  on stage at any other samba artist.  Not saying it doesn’t happen (in fact, with the usually rather schmaltzy and formulaic pop-samba genre known as ‘pagode’ in the 21st Century, who more closely resemble “boy bands”, it probably happens every day), just that it was my first time seeing it, on a pre-Carnival festival billing that also featured Paulinho da Viola.

Besides Insensato Destino, every other track here is also top-shelf stuff.   Rendição is another good one for singing along at the top of your lungs. Dalila, Cadê Guará will get your hands clapping.  Vida, Vida has a melody in the main verse that had me checking to see if João Nogueira had a writing credit on it, so pregnant with melancholic urban cool it is, until the strident chorus comes along and Almir bursts out with the sunshine of a thousand cigarette lighters swaying in the audience.  (Note that Zeca Pegodinho does get a credit on A Vaca.)  One of my personal favorites, though,  is Murmurio Da Caochoeira  which includes a very lovely lyric, almost prayer-like in its devotion to Xangô, one of the most popular of the orixâs in Brazil.   I’m sure they have all guided Almir to his proper place in the astral botequim of the great beyond.  Enjoy!


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  1. Awesome stuff. Been listening to this one since you posted it, thanks!

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