Tata Vega – Get It Up For Love / Just Keep Thinking About You Baby (1979)

Tata Vega – Get It Up For Love b/w Just Keep Thinking About You Baby
Motown M 00021D1
Format:Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM, Single
Released: 1979

A – Get It Up For Love  5:58

Co-producer – Andre Fischer
Written-By – N. Doheny

B – I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby  5:34

Written-By – G. Cathey, H. Johnson


Producer – Winston Monseque

Disco Eye-Cued TM
From the album “Try My Love” T7-360R1
Get It Up For Love – 122 BPM
I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby – 124 BPM
979 Motown Record Corp.

Matrix / Runout: 65187-D
Matrix / Runout: 65041-D

It is already a full ten days into the new year and I haven’t done a blog post yet, so I reckon it’s time to fix that.  This blog is essentially a tribute to the art of the long-player, and I’ve been short on time, so let’s comprise with the LP’s little cousin – the “long-playing single.”  The A-side is my favorite track from a solid album, “Try My Love” by Tata Vega.  “Get It Up For Love” is a funk monster, and I particularly like the special subtle touch of the soca rhythm that runs through it.  While it doesn’t say so anywhere on the label, this is a different mix than the LP version. However, it is not an extended mix like you might expect from a “Long Playing 12″ Disco Single”. In fact, the album version is slightly longer. That version has a weird fade-out of the band to a Mr. Rogers’ Trolly-type electric piano part in the middle, after which the band is faded back in for another three minutes of jamming.  I noticed there was a 7″ single edit of this track issued that is only 3:30 long, so that fade-out must be where the cut is made.  This version has no such ethereal and awkward breakdown in the middle but just keeps the funk rolling and the dance-floor moving. Whereas the LP version has a wider stereo image and a bit more detail in some of the percussion, this mix is more forward and aggressive. I believe the tempo is also slowed down just a notch, not even enough to cause a micro tone of intonation change.*

I included this song on a Mixcloud ‘tape’ that was loosely celebrating the passage of marriage equality by the US Supreme Court in 2015.  It’s not an especially relevant song — the issue isn’t “a tricky situation”, like Tata sings, but a very simple one – yet for some reason it felt right to slap it on the mix and now I’ll always make that association.  So maybe I’ll informally dedicate this post to Australia finally passing their own marriage equality legislation in November, which should be implemented any day now, and especially all the people who were on the front lines fighting for it, like my blogueiro friend Simon.

The flip side, “I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby” is more straight-up disco, kind of manic.  It was a released as a single the year before the album. It definitely got played more than the A side on the copy I happened to have picked up, with noticeably more groove wear on this track. Still sounds okay though.

I had actually begun ripping ‘Try My Love’ for a post over a year ago and then stopped for some reason. Now maybe I’ll get back to it. In any case I felt like making this my first new post of 2018. Enjoy in good health and may this year be auspicious for all of you!

*I have to give a shout out & tip of the pork-pie hat to friend JGF who made me aware I had neglected to mention this tune is a cover of the opening track off Ned Doheny’s classic ‘Hard Candy’ album.  David Cassidy also covered it before Tata and sped up the tempo from its original dreamy lope.


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