Roberto Carlos – O Inimitável (1968)

1968 CBS Records (Brasil)
This CD pressing 199_? Columbia 850.105/2-464065

12 Days of Christmas – Day 12 – For Three Kings Day, you get one king. O Rei, the incomparable, inimitable Roberto Carlos.  This is a thoroughly excellent record with the exception of one song that annoys the crap out of me.  See if you know Dr. Vibes’ tastes well enough to figure out which one it is, and win a free year’s subscription to Flabbergasted Vibes!  I’m exhausted, too exhausted to give this album a worthy write-up, but maybe I will share the MONO version of it sometime soon and unloosen my tongue with aplomb.   Meanwhile this early CD pressing of the stereo mix sounds pretty good, at least it isn’t crushed / brick-walled like the version include with the “Pra Sempre” boxset.    I hope you have all enjoyed this 12 Days of Christmas, perhaps inaugurating a new tradition as the blog continues into its second decade (!!).  I’m going to be extremely busy in the next few months, so I don’t know how often you’ll hear from me, but may you all be free of trouble in this New Year!


E não vou mais deixar você tão só (3:33)
 Ninguém vai tirar você de mim (2:58)
 Se você pensa (2:42)
 É meu, é meu, é meu (3:09)
 Quase fui lhe procurar (3:26)
 Eu te amo, te amo, te amo (3:59)
 As canções que você fez pra mim (3:31)
 Nem mesmo você (2:39)
 Ciúme de você (3:03)
 Não há dinheiro que pague (2:37)
 O tempo vai apagar (3:38)
 Madrasta (4:12)


16-bit 44.1 khz

password: vibes

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  1. I’ve realy emjoyed the increased traffic over the holidays, the diversity and the selections. Good luck with everthing going on this year and see you perhaps next Christmas if not before. Best wishes and thanks!

  2. I’ve enjoyed following these for the last couple weeks. Nice work and way to stick at it, impressive.


    Álbum clássico do RC, aguardando outras postagens do Rei. Obrigado.


    Tenho esse CD em prensagem CBS, raro de se encontrar, no box Pra Sempre ficou estranho se comparados às primeiras prensagens. AGUARDANDO ANSIOSAMENTE PELA EDIÇÃO EM MONO. Obrigado.

  5. Thank you Dr. Vibes!

  6. So glad I discovered your blog! Congratulations and best wishes for your second decade, and thanks for all the musical inspiration. You’ve got some great ears, bruddah.

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