Tamba Trio – Tamba Trio (1975)

Tamba Trio
RCA 888430906624
Original release 1975
Reissue 2014 (EU)

1 – 3 Horas Da Manhã  (Ivan Lins, Waldemar Correia) 2:42
2 Visgo De Jaca (Sergio Cabral, Rildo Hora) 2:35
3 Ou Bola Ou Bulica (Aldir Blanc, Joao Bosco) 2:12
4 Beira-Mar (Ivan Lins) 2:19
5 Olha Maria (Amparo) (A.C. Jobim) 4:45
6 Chorinho No. 1 (Durval Ferreira) 1:44
7 Jogo Da Vida (Sidney Miller, Danilo Caymmi) 3:15
8 Sanguessuga (Fernando Brant, Toninho Horta) 3:47
9 Janelas (Ivan Lins, Ronaldo Monteiro) 1:38
10 Contra O Vento (Ana Borba, Danilo Caymmi) 2:45
11 Beijo Partido (Toninho Horta) 2:28
12 Chamada (Helio Delmiro, Paulo Cesar Pinheiro) 2:10

Arrangements, piano, Fender Rhodes, Arp Synthesizer, Vocals – Luiz Eça
Bass, Percussion, Flute [In C And G], Vocals  – Bebeto
Percussion, Drums, Vocals – Hélcio Milito

With Hélio Delmiro (guitar)

Also featuring João Bosco (guitar and vocal on Track 3); Toninho Horta (guitar on tracks 8 & 11); Danilo Caymmi (guitar, tracks 7 & 10); and Rildo Hora (harmonica, track 2).

Recorded and mixed by Nestor Vitiritti, RCA Studios, Rio de Janeiro

Artwork By – Ney Tavora
Artwork and Photographic Effects– Sérgio De Garcia
Coordinator, Directed By – Raymundo Bittencourt
Design – Carlos Guarany
Photography – Ivan Klingen


This is a very solid record, and Tamba Trio was doing a fine job of updating their sound to stay contemporary with developments in MPB. So instead of Jobim & Vincius compositions, we have Aldir Blanc and Joao Bosco (who also guests on the record), Fernando Brandt and Toninho Horta (another guest), Danilo Caymmi, Ivan Lins (yet another guest), Paulo Cesar Pinheiro — only top shelf stuff here, it’s like reaching for the blue Johnny Walker bottle instead of the black or the red.  Another nice touch is the neo-chorinho composition by Durval Ferreira here.

But this is obviously no longer a trio configuration of the group, and the album doesn’t have the exuberance or urgency of their early records.  It does have the mature confidence of guys who have been playing together for over a decade and invited a bunch of their talented famous friends over to create new textures on their new album.  Bassist and flautist Bebeto sings on this record, and his voice is what I imagine Chico Buarque might sound like if he were suffering from dengue fever, with that microtonally desafinado (out of tune) quality so characteristic of bossa nova which – if you aren’t quite in the mood for it – can make a person feel a little seasick.

Mirror 1 || Mirror 2


16-bit 44.1 khz

Mirror 1 ||  Mirror 2

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  1. It’s the 70s! Thank you for these memorable sounds. As the included review indicates, it’s a “lush set.” And as you say, it’s no longer a TRIO sound, but one of those albums a mature & confident group releases with “friends” and fellow artists.

  2. Hi Vibes! Just a heads up, mirror 2 under mp3 gives “Help Yourself – Help Yourself (1971)” It’s a nice album, but not what you intended. Mirror 2 under FLAC is correct.

  3. Que maravilha, muito obrigado pelo lindo trabalho de sempre, abraço daqui do Brasil!

  4. more evinha please

    i was the guy who asked you why you didn’t like caetano a while ago

    • I don’t like Caetano either -his songs are great but that cloying voice gets to me after a short while.

      • i find gil more cloying with his baby voice, which tarnishes the otherwise perfect gil e jorge album.

        but my original question about caetano was more ironic than mr vibes assumed. i read a 2020 interview and he seems to have his head on relatively straight again, politically at least.

        check out evinha if you haven’t i hadn’t heard of her and she’s nuts, quite a bit is on spotify.

        • lol@ Gil’s “baby voice”. It is rather odd, like a toddler attempting falsetto, and especially because his normal singing voice is perfectly splendid. But Gil is Gil and we love him with all his idiosyncrasies, I think. I have never had a problem with Caetano’s voice although he did sometimes lay the sweetness on us a bit thickly in the 90’s and thereafter. Regarding his politics, I think he is a perennial contrarian so I was not surprised to see him taking a stand against Bozonazi, although I admit to still being relieved to find him on the right side of history. I mean it’s not as if the PT is beyond criticism – far from it – but his public statements struck me as more enamored with gadfly iconoclasm at a time when the growing hard-right trend in Brazil really didn’t need any more ammunition. So I engaged in my own small-scale, petty iconoclasm on this blog which really seemed to piss off some of his dearest admirers. And yes, Brian, I did not pick up on the irony of your previous post!

  5. Nice to get a quality version, thanks!

  6. Always up for some Tamba Trio. Thank you very much!

  7. One of the great mysteries of MPB is why Ivan Lins has never recorded ” 3 Horas Da Manhã”?? Its such a great song and this is a great version along with O Grupo’s version on their 3rd album

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