Pharoah Sanders, Floating Points & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises (2021) Day 6 of FV 12 Days of Xmas

Pharoah Sanders, Floating Points & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises (2021, Luaka Bop)


Since I mentioned this on Day 5, it seems only natural and right that Day 6 should be this wonderful record from Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders and The LSO.  I’m not going to say much of anything about it; I know there were many reviews of this album and I am sure many of them are also wonderful.  The album was conceived and recorded during the pandemic and somehow felt like the album we needed, even if we may not have deserved it.  A proprietor of a local record shop where I live didn’t like it, he complained that it sounded “new age” — a characterization that I think is neither accurate nor fair – and that Pharoah barely plays on it, and is too subdued.  But (as I mentioned yesterday) the mood here is very introspective, and feels like a musical meditation on the passing of time, on the luxury and strangeness of having lived to an old age.  Any new worlds that Pharoah may seek to discover at this point are more subtle than the soaring heights of his youthful work, somewhere in between the planes, teetering suspended between the flesh and the disincarnate.  I have this one on vinyl, but I’m still digesting it, so it’s not the version I’m sharing here.

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  1. upkerry14upkerry14

    Fillfactory? With all the free and easy to use services you use Filefactory, which requires a subscription otherwise it’s slower than a glacier melting in winter? Luckily this recording is easily found elsewhere. how about wetransfer? Free and fast. Do your ‘readers” a favor and not slap them in this face with this nonsense.

  2. Upkerry14 – please go stop embarrassing yourself and annoying normal people. If you aren’t among the thousands who love this site then go away and start your own.

    Do you know how much work this guy must do to get great music to people? Especially those of us who are poor – on wefare etc – who could never afford it otherwise?

    I have a large collecion with quite a bit of rare vinly from a previous life and I once spent a while trying to digitise it (mainly in order to play out, after catastrophically ripping the sleeve of a pristine copy of Joni Haastrup “Wake Up Your Mind” while trying to get it back in a plastic clear sleeve!).

    I had to put it on hold for a while because it was such a monumental task. I cannot understand how Flabber not only goes to extreme lengths to record vinly with such painstaking care, but has the time to write notes which would be worth visiting his site for even without the music.

    You should be eternally grateful for whatever he gives you, rather than behaving like a spoiled infant.

    Finding appropriate filehosts must be difficult – some are quicker to delete stuff or heed copyright notices and so on.

    Fastfile might be slow for non-premium, but in my experience links tend to last longer, which might explain Flabber’s thinking. I’ve recently seen someone use the Telegram mobile/desktop messaging app. – it was very fast so that might be something worth considering. I suspect it’s something rights holders are unlikely to have cottoned onto yet.

    And yes, I do hope to make some of my vinyl rips available to Flabber as a thank you – assuming the quality meets his exacting standards. It may take a while as the HDs with the ones I’ve done are in a box at the oottom of a pile of junk (I’ve developed an issue with hoarding) and my vinyl is in a storage unit 200 miles away.

    Ayway, thanks for everything you do Flabber. This site is legendary and I’m sure it’s appreciated by huge numbers of normal people – i.e people with a good deal more manners and gratitude than the likes of Upkerry 14.


    • Well, upkerry14 may be rude, but he does actually have a point. I sort of forgot how much FileFactory is a drag for people without an account because I make use of it for several different purposes and several blogs, and it is a pretty cheap storage locker when you grab one of their sales. Lately I have been trying to add links “mirrors” to faster services to assuage people’s headaches and complaints.

  3. Merci 1000 fois, Dr Vibes!

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