Paulinho da Viola – Paulinho da Viola (1971, Mono pressing)

Paulinho Da Viola – Paulinho Da Viola
1971 Odeon – MOFB 3670
Style: Samba, MPB
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono

A1 – Num Samba Curto (02:48)
A2 – Pressentimento (02:47)
A3 – Para Ver As Meninas (02:47)
A4 – Nas Ondas Da Noite (02:06)
A5 – Filosofia Do Samba (02:10)
A6 – Consumir E Viver (02:42)
B1 – Lapa Em Três Tempos (Musica Incidental: Abre A Janela) (02:48)
B2 – Coração (02:05)
B3 – Minha Vez De Sorrir (02:47)
B4 – Reclamação (02:50)
B5 – Abraçando Chico Soares (02:00)
B6 – Vinhos Finos… Cristais (02:23)

Total length: 30:13

More information:


This is one of two albums that Paulinho da Viola released in 1971, neither of which were titled. They are both great. It is made up mostly of original tunes, with a notable contribution from one of his mentors in the Portela samba school, Candeia (“Filosofia do Samba”).

And this album has the distinction of having  a true anomaly on it: a non-samba tune that Paulinho ever recorded, rare becausee Paulinho is a samba purist. “Consumir E Viver” is by the MPB songwriter Marcus Vinicius and while it still has sambista flourishes, it does stand out as being a bit more pop/rock (the coda of the song is a straight up 4/4 rock beat). It also features a harpsichord, an instrument which reappears at the end of the LP as well.

So there, there is some musical commentary, with bookends of verbose bloat.  In the words of one brilliant reviewer of a Spinal Tap album, this post, along with the rest of this blog, is one “Shit Sandwich”.

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  1. That’s too bad, I’ve really enjoyed your website/blog over the years…Ive been finding out about music from here since 2010?. Ages 29-41…Always would check in to see what’s new on here….shoot….I’ve even sampled many albums from here when I use to make beats and have discovered so many new artist and genres. Digital digging in its purest form. Thanks for all the hard work and research tho. Nothing in life in infinite….not even the earth we live on.

  2. Just wants to thank you for such great albums

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