Isaac Hayes – Hot Buttered Soul (1969, 2011 High Resolution Remaster)

Isaac Hayes – Hot Buttered Soul
Original release 1969 on Enterprise Records

I’ve posted about this album before, in the early days of this blog, and will probably post about it again.  It’s just a class act through and through.  I had originally wanted to prepare something romantic for Valentine’s Day, even though I don’t personally care about it, and then considered one of Dione Warwick’s albums to commemorate the passing of Bacharach.  But bad luck and trouble came knocking again, with yet another school shooting in the U.S., this time at a place that I have a personal connection.  So, I don’t especially feel like doing blog posts and the work that goes into them right now.  I figured that posting about a hi-res version of this classic from HDTracks is a good compromise.  The opening cut is a long meditation on Bacharach and Hal David’s musical storytelling in that way that only Isaac Hayes could pull off.  For twelve whole minutes:

The arrangement, the execution, the musicianship here is a little bit overwhelming, its so good.  And even if you don’t give a damn about 24-bit audio, the remastering here is much more analog in its overall sound than other iterations I’ve heard.  Hard to go wrong with this album and worth having as many versions as you can get your hands on, in my opinion.


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  1. Thanks! unfortunately I’m having troubles for download it. File factory 🙁

  2. DL working fine. I remember seeing this album in the stores, but wasn’t ready for it yet. Now I get it. Hayes was great. It was quite a journey from this to Chocolate Salty Balls…
    Thanks for putting this in front of me!

    • Oh man, if you are new to Isaac’s best work, I will be so happy if you have even a fraction of the joy I had in discovering these albums. This album, The Isaac Hayes Movement, and To Be Continued all just blew me away completely. The long and slow build-up in the arrangements of the slower songs — and had a thing for Bacharach, featuring his tunes on all three of these records, don’t sleep on his version of The Look Of Love. Black Moses and Shaft are both brilliant too, and after that the consistency starts to drop off.

  3. Tried again and DL worked fine ??
    Great remaster! So many details came up.

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