Alain Goraguer – La Planète Sauvage Original Soundtrack (1973) (2020 RSD)

Alain Goraguer – La Planète Sauvage Original Soundtrack
Vinyl rip in 24-bit/192 kHz | FLAC |  300 dpi  | Jazz-funk, Psychedelic
2020 Superior Viaduct – SV058 translucent yellow vinyl
Original release 1973 on the Pathé label (France)

When I was a teenager, staying up late on the weekends, I used to see this film come on the TV.   I found it beguiling, unsettling, and trippy.  It seemed to combine everything my adolescent self was immersed in: science fiction, psychedelia, and groovy music.  Then I forgot about it for years and years until I ended up becoming friends with a guy from Toulouse who was also into records and vinyl and eventually this film and soundtrack came up.

The animated feature, which earned its own Criterion Blu-Ray, is still  a pretty weird and enchanting film. I’ve shared this needledrop with some vinyl enthusiasts (and if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately, there’s your answer – private communities, because public blogs like this one now seem like “relics” with a shrinking audience).  It was entertaining to hear some stories from other people who encountered this film with no idea of what they were getting into.  One guy saw it as a child and was so disturbed by it that he had nightmares and visions for weeks.  Another, in Brazil, who saw it in its theatrical release, and remembers leaving the theater with his head spinning, even more spaced out than when he got there.

Both the film and the soundtrack may have been “of their time” but they both hold up today.  The soundtrack occupies a similar rarified airspace inhabited by people like David Axelrod, fusing psychedelic rock, funk, jazz, and maybe even a little prog into a heady potion.  It’s been sampled quite a bit by creative beat-makers.

I’ll probably never own an original copy, so I’m glad I was able to snag this reissue during the one of the several 2020 Record Store Day “drops”.  In an ironic twist, while preparing this blog post, I was unaware that the album was about to receive a new reissue, on Decca Records this time and featuring an additional LP of extra material.  It’s pricey and I’d be interesting in knowing whether that extra material is ‘essential’ or the kind of thing you can hear once and then forget forever.  But if you are on the fence, I would say go for it and get the new Decca release, because this cult favorite always seems to sell out whenever it appears.

A1:   Déshominisation (II)
A2:   Déshominisation (I)
A3:   Générique
A4:   Le Bracelet
A5:   Ten Et Tiwa
A6:   Maquillage De Tiwa
A7:   Course De Ten
A8:   Ten Et Medor
A9:   Ten Et Tiwa Dorment
A10:   Ten Est Assome
A11:   Abite
A12:   Conseil Des Draags
A13:   Les Hommes – La Grande Co-Existence
B1:   La Femme
B2:   Mira Et Ten
B3:   Mort De Draag
B4:   L’Oiseau
B5:   La Cité Des Hommes Libres
B6:   Attaque Des Robots
B7:   La Longue Marche – Valse Des Statues
B8:   Les Fusées
B9:   Générique
B10:   Strip Tease
B11:   Méditation Des Enfants
B12:   La Vieille Meurt

LINEAGE: 2020 Superior Viaduct SV058 RSD ltd edition; RCM Music Hall WCS-3; turtable – Pro-Ject RM-5SE with Audio Tecnica Signet TK7E cartridge and AT-618 disc stabilizer; Speedbox power supply; Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 preamp with NOS Philips ECC83 tubes; Audioquest Black Mamba and Pangea Premier interconnect cables; RME Babyface Pro interface; Adobe Audition at 32-bit float 192khz; ClickRepair with output monitored in real time; further clicks and pops removed manually with Adobe Audition 3.0; resampled, dithered, and converted to FLAC using iZotope RX Advanced.

Mirror 1 || Mirror 2

p/w: vibes

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  1. I’ve been listening to it everyday, for the last 2 weeks 😀
    your copy sounds much much better then the Amazon music’s streaming on HD

    Keep em’ coming and thanks again!!

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