Flabbergasted Freeform #19 – The “Lost Episode”

It’s been a year since the last Flabbergasted Freeform, and ten months since the last “Focus” podcast of old calypso and soca.  There are a bunch of reasons why I didn’t feel like doing them any more, but I won’t go into them here.  But since this month marks the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the blog, I thought it called for some special commemorations.  This Freeform mix was done in December of last year and was only circulated privately.  It’s a good time, though, so I’m sharing it with the world now and hope the world enjoys it.  The first person to find the couple bars of “Them Changes” quoted in another song gets a free Secret Decoder Ring. That is, as soon as I get them from the magazine I ordered where I ordered a dozen of these powerful devices, which happened to be a back issue from 1958, so please be patient.

You can stream the podcast at Mixcloud or get it directly from the link below the widget.

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Flabbergasted Freeform No.18 – 2016’s Eternal Aftershow Pt.2


Here is an aural tradition that I only occasionally follow – a mix of some of the many remarkable musicians, singers, composers, and arrangers who left this planet during the last year (now itself good and dead, 2016).  For the dozen or so people still listening to these podcasts,  I had at one time intended and promised to post this in the last weeks of the year.  A lot of factors made that into much less of a priority when the time rolled around, but there was also the uncomfortable hunch that we weren’t quite out of the woods yet regarding celebrities reaching their expiration dates.  I even considered a horror movie type scenario where any still-living musicians who just happened to play on these tracks might be put at risk, or even worse, some Ring-like scenario where just listening to the podcast might kill you. So I quite reasonably decided to hold off until the year had safely passed to finish it, and now here it is, completely free of demonic powers.

It is by necessity incomplete: there were just too many stiffs to work with.  I opted not to include Muhammad Ali’s perplexing rendition of “Stand By Me” from 1963, for example.  I also couldn’t find the right moment to fit in a track from the bootlegged 1977 studio session where Paul Kantner briefly fired Grace Slick and Marty Balin from Jefferson Starship, and replaced them with Carrie Fisher and Blowfly.  The abandoned album was tentatively to  called “Blowfly Against the Empire ’77”.  It was a concept album, of course, and hard to take any one song out of context…(*edit: I legitimately forgot Buckwheat Zydeco, and I even had some of his records pulled.  Boo, hiss…)

A few artists from Part One (done way back in October) were repeated here, but most were not.  So if you are wondering where are Natalie Cole, Gato Barbieri, The Brothers Johnson or Phife Dawg, have a look back in the archives.  I don’t recall if I ever mentioned Rudy Van Gelder by name during either show, but surely he recorded at least a couple things in there somewhere.  A playlist will be uploaded in a few days time.

Besides streaming this show on Mixcloud, you can also get direct downloads in the links below it.  If you feel inspired, you can make a little donation with one of the buttons on the right-hand column – every penny helps to cover the costs of hosting this site.

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Flabbergasted Freeform No.16 – Eternal Aftershow Part 1

So maybe you thought it was gone for good, maybe you hadn’t even noticed, but for what it’s worth here is another Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour.  And just in time for the Olympics, with which this has absolutely nothing to do, not even an obligatory Vangelis Chariots of Fire appearance.  I understand why The Games excite people, I admire the athleticism, and I guess I can dig the philosophy of the spirit behind it all, maybe, but really I just don’t care.  I don’t have much of a competitive, sporting streak at all and have trouble even relating to it, maybe that’s my problem in life.  Wake me up when the women’s beach volleyball is on, otherwise I’ll be here in my virtual windowless basement playing music. Bah humbug.

The truth is that work on this podcast began in June, and it was essentially finished at the beginning of July, but some life things were happening that made me shelve it indefinitely.  It’s not as if anything there has changed for the better now, but after listening to the mix again after a month I decided nothing fundamentally in it needed changing, at least,  and just decided to slap on the voice-over announcements and finally share it.  Sorry for holding out on y’all.

And as the indicated in the title, there are plans for a second half because I couldn’t fit everything on this one.

*p.s.  I need to find my pop filter or get another one. Sorry about the plosives.

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Natalie Cole – Sophisticated Lady
Baby Huey & The Babysitters – Runnin’
Marvin Gaye – T Warms Up
Brothers Johnson – Brother Man
The Time – Cool
Shiela E – Shortberry Strawcake
Mazerati – 100 Miles an Hour
Prince – The Ball
Prince – Head
Prince – Do Me Baby (Live at MSG 1986)
Prince – What Is Hip, live at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco 1993
Prince & The Revolution – The Ladder
Jimmy McGriff – Cumayon
Gato Barbieri – Encontros Parts 1 and 3
Tribe Called Quest – Buggin Out
Earth Wind & Fire – Let Your Feelings Show
Tim Maia – Terapia do grito
Brothers Johnson – This Had To Be
Funkadelic – Loose Booty
Ron Davies – It Ain’t Easy

(Incidental music)
Ronnie Lane and Ron Wood – Title One
Victor Feldman – Serenity
Prince, “Junk Music”


Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour # 10 – Festivus edition

 photo 301-600x756_zps2137d7c9.jpg

I will post two downloadable versions later today, in mp3 and FLAC.  Gotta sleep now, Santa is tired.320 kbs download

Note: I mistakenly read from my notes that I had played the track “Tequila” by  Juncal y Sus Calistos!  I actually dropped this tune from the set, because it’s so damn sloppy that it pretty much brings your groove to a crash landing.  Fun tune, but not fun enough.

 photo fdf42f4e6cec5414d63dac44ea93e0cb_zps0fcc84b6.jpg 

Primeiro Eu – Elza Soares
Sumpin’ Jumpin’ Around Here – Sandy Williams Big Eight feat.
Johnny Hodges
Shark – Mixed Bag
Hang In – Gwen McCrae
Find Out – Monomono
Calypso Be Bop – Lord Flea
Groovin High – Dizzy Gillespie with Gil Fuller and the
Montery Jazz Orchestra
Batucada   Surgiu –
James Moody also with Gil Fuller and the
Os Olhos –
Rubinho e Mauro Assumpção
Carimbó de
Dezembro – Candango de Ype
Ce Pas – Tabou Combo
Born in Bethlehem – The Stape Singers


That’s How It Goes – Black Merda
Come Into My Life – The Supremes
Middle of the Night – Lalo Schifrin
Corrina – Bukka White
J.P. Boogie
– James P Johnson
Estrada do
Sol – Sylvia Telles
Mestre Sala
dos Mares – Elis Regina
Windmills of your Mind – Barbara Lewis
Satan – Jon Lucian
Angel of the Morning – Joya Landis
My Favorite Things – John Coltrane (featuring Eric Dolphy)

Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour # 8

 photo folder_zps71bf1f1d.png

April 2014

Well it’s about time for another podcast.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can listen to it on either Mixcloud , or get yourself a direct download from these links.

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Lord Nelson – Garrot Bounce
Alejandro Duran – Cumbia Costeña
Latin Fever – Chirrin Chirran
Sly and The Family Stone – Jigsaw Puzzle
Chubby Checker – Gypsy
Gabor Szabo – Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
Shorty Rogers and His Giants – Chega de Saudade
Gilberto, Miúcha, and Stan Getz – Isáura
Ajiruteua De Marapanim – Da Cacaia
Blue Mitchell – Flat Backing


Nelson Sargento – Primavera
James Moody – You Got To Pay
Paco de
Lucia – Quizás, quizás, quizás
Jackson do
Pandeiro – Nortista quatrocentão
Raul Seixas, Sergio Sampaio, Edy Star – Quero Ir
Isaac  Hayes –
Chocolate Chip
Alberta Hunter – Sugar
Prince Buster – Don’t Throw Stones (or Rude Rude Rudie)
Olodum –
Vinheta Cuba-Brasil
The J.B.s – The Grunt Pt. 1
Golden Gate Quartet – Same Train
Som Três – Oh Happy Day
Maysa – Quizás, quizás, quizás
Ijahman Levi – Are We A Warrior

in 320