Bollywood Funk

Various Artists – Bollywood Funk (2001)Little is known about this compilation of Bollywood soundtrack cuts. The liner notes are not helpful at all – they don’t even reference the films these are from, let alone the artists. Even the discogs website has no idea. There is a review over at AMG but I prefer not to put it here because I don’t like to support their hack music journalism over there, and the review is particularly bad in it’s smarmy … Continue reading

Cartola – O mundo é um moinho (1976)

CartolaO mundo é um moinho1976 Discos Marcus Pereira 1. O Mundo É Um Moinho 2. Minha 3. Sala De Recepção 4. Não Posso Viver Sem Ela 5. Preciso Me Encontrar 6. Peito Vazio 7. Aconteceu 8. As Rosas Não Falam 9. Sei Chorar 10. Ensaboa Mulata 11. Senhora Tentação 12. Cordas De Aço The opening title track was written for Cartola’s daughter who left their home in Mangueira at 16 and (in the story I’ve heard, anyway) ended up working … Continue reading

Sparks video, Top of the Pops 1974

Ever walked into a place and had the palpable sense that there was somebody, perhaps multiple bodies, that didn’t want you there? Happened to me this weekend. I stayed, I danced, I talked to my real friends, I ate greasy diner food afterwards. But I’ve had this Sparks song going through my head ever since. Try it, it helps. The tune is “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us” and it is a roaring opening to their classic … Continue reading

BITRATE MISTAKE, please re-download

Several recent uploads were listed as 320/kbs, the bitrate that I INTENDED to encode at. Somehow, these were ctually somewhere around 160-170 — a horribly and very lossy-sounding bit depth indeed. Conversion was done with dbPoweramp set at 320/kbs Average Bit Rate (ABR), and somehow all files converted at this setting ended up at about half that! PLEASE for the love of God, redownload these. The following links have been replaced and if you grabbed these shares before the afternoon … Continue reading

Jorge Ben – Força Bruta (1970) 320kbs ABR

JORGE BENForça BrutaOriginal release 1970Dusty Groove America reissue 2007 This is a fantastic record. I was wrong with crediting the 1969 to Trio Mocotó yesterday — I believe the partnership actually began with this record. Formerly very difficult to track down, Dusty Groove has done us all a public service by making it available again!! BUY A COPY today Jorge Ben “Forca Bruta” (Philips, 1970)A dreamy, relaxed album made with the Trio Mocoto (see below for more info about them…) … Continue reading

TECHNICAL NOTE about playlists

Dear readers.. I refuse to use I-Tunes to play or organize music (until they have native support for FLAC, i.e. never, I will continue to use Foobar2000 or, in a pinch, WinAmp). But since many people do, including my friends who regularly visit this blog, I thought I would mention something technical. Some of you may be experiencing the phenomenon of ending up with 2 copies of every song in your I-Tunes. This is most likely because you are importing … Continue reading