Hugh Masekela – The Chisa Years (2006)

Hugh Masekela THE CHISA YEARS (Rare and Unreleased) 2006 BBE Records   Review by Thom Jurek Hugh Masekela and Stewart Levine met in 1961 at the Manhattan School of Music. They became friends, roommates, and collaborators. They began experimenting with putting together groups of African singers, studio musicians, and a fusion of South African township jive and urban gospel. The two started the CHISA label together in 1966 just before the pair scored big with Masekela’s smash, “Grazin’ in the … Continue reading

Muhal Richard Abrams – Levels and Degrees of Light (1967) 320 kbs

Muhal Richard Abrams – Levels And Degrees Of Light (1967) 320 kbs {DD 413} Review by Brian Olewnick ( and Degrees of Light was the first recording under Muhal Richard Abrams’ name and was a landmark album that launched the first in a long line of beautiful, musical salvos from the AACM toward the mainstream jazz world. The title track finds Abrams broadly tracing out some of the territory he would continue to explore in succeeding decades, an ethereal, mystic … Continue reading

Nelson Angelo & Joyce (1972) 320 kbs

Nelson Angelo e JoyceReleased as Odeon SMOFB 3734 in 1972Reissued in 2006 on Discos Mariposas, Argentina This is a beautiful, haunting album. It captures the dreamy, wistful saudades of the Clube da Esquina album with its bucolic, pastoral stroll tinged with psychedelia. And no wonder — it features a great deal of the same people. Nelson Angelo wrote a lot of stuff on that record, along with Ronaldo Bastos and Marcio Borges, both represented here too. In all the hipster … Continue reading

Scientist – Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires (1981)

Scientist – Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampiresdedicated to the sleepless and those who should have known better The world is full of vampires who will suck you dry. They are fond of lies and conceit, and making you feel special — it is all cool calculation and manipulation, because they are drawn to the warmth of your blood. These beings have no conscience or sense of ethics as you and I who walk in daylight … Continue reading

Linval Thompson – Rocking Vibration (1978)

I personally lead a drug-free life these days (except for the meds that keep me from hearing voices), but that does not stop me from appreciating the amazing music brought to us by the guy who recorded “I Love Marijuana.” At the moment I live in a world of vampires and infidels, and to ward them off I try to always adorn myself with garlic and also crank the righteous roots reggae. It is good to chant down Babylon with … Continue reading

Henry Cow – Western Culture (1979)

This is a very important record by one of my favorite bands, Henry cow from England. A bit different from what usually is posted on this blog, I originally had wanted to share this yesterday to protest American Labor Day, a holiday established to offset May Day and undermine the Labor Movement. All of Henry Cow’s recorded output is worthwhile, but this is by far their most outstanding creative achievement. I would write a review but I found a more … Continue reading