Isaac Hayes – The Isaac Hayes Movement (1970) VBR

Get “Hot Buttered Soul” first (below), then check this out. A lot of folks are going to remember Isaac Hayes for the themes song and soundtrack album to blaxploitation flick “Shaft.” A whole other generation will remember him more as the adorable Chef from South Park. He deserves to be remembered for both of those accomplishments, but he was also a lot more to a lot of people. His music has pulled me through some tough times, the warmth of … Continue reading

Isaac Hayes RIP !! Hot Buttered Soul (1969) VBR

Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. (August 20, 1942 – August 10, 2008) Rest in peace, brother Isaac…. There will be more Isaac to come. This is my favorite record of his. I have an MFSL version hanging around somewhere too that I may share as well, but this original pressing will do fine. I’m too devastated to say anything else right now. His music meant a lot to me, to a whole lot of people. He will be dearly missed. Isaac … Continue reading

John Fahey – The Voice of the Turtle (1968) VBR

JOHN FAHEYVoice of the TurtleReleased 1968,Takoma RecordsIssued on CD 1996 1. Bottleneck Blues 3:03 2. Bill Cheatum 1:52 3. Lewisdale Blues 2:13 4. Bean Vine Blues 2:42 5. Bean Vine Blues 2:48 6. A Raga Called Pat 9:03 7. A Raga Called Pat 4:25 8. Train 1:44 9. Je Ne Me Suis Revellais Matin Pas En May 2:19 10. The Story Of Dorothy Gooch 5:24 11. Nine-Pound Hammer 1:57 12. Lonesome Valley 1:42 Review by Richie Ubermench Like some of … Continue reading

John Fahey – Days Have Gone By (1967) VBR

Sometimes, when I wake up on a summer morning, I listen to John Fahey. JOHN FAHEYDays Have Gone By, Volume 6(1967; Reissued 2006 Takoma UK) 1. Revolt of the Dyke Brigade2. Impressions of Susan3. Joe Kirby Blues4. Night Train of Valhalla5. Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California6. Raga Called Pat, Pt. 17. Raga Called Pat, Pt. 28. My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs9. My Grandfather’s Clock10. Days Have Gone By11. We Should Be Building Review by Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr. … Continue reading

Bo Diddley – The Black Gladiator (1970) Japanese press

It’s never too late to commemorate the passing of the great Bo Diddley earlier this year. And what better choice than this little-known piece of fuzzed-out gutter funk, “The Black Gladiator.” OK, now the first thing you’re thinking is, “What’s going on with this cover art?” Don’t ask me. Maybe Bo (and not Hendrix, or Miles Davis) was actually the subject of Betty Davis’ infamous tune, “He Was A Big Freak.” But we’re not interested in fogging the memory of … Continue reading

Linton Kwesi Johnson – LKJ , A Capella Live (1996)

I wasn’t sure if I should share this here without first sharing some of LKJ’s musical records first. But I decided it’s worth it. For one, this record is a bit harder to find than his landmark late 70s dub/reggae albums. But also because in many ways it makes a perfect introduction to his work, since he began his career as a published poet rather than a recording artist. For anyone interested in reggae, Caribbean cultural history, in poetry – … Continue reading