Som Três – Som Três Show (1968) (BOM24183)

Som Tres – Som Tres Show (1968) Original: 1968 Odeon MOFB 3541 Reissue: 2010 Bomba Records, Japan – BOM24183 Originally Odeon MOFB 3541 1. Leonardo 2. Falsa Baiana 3. Amazonas (Keep Talking) 4. The World Goes On 5. The Look Of Love 6. Frevo Rasgado 7. Jungle 8. Sá Marina 9. Watch What Happens 10. Emília 11. Balanço Zona Sul

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Change Up The Groove (1974)

Roy Ayers Ubiquity Change Up The Groove Polydor PD 6032 This record probably gets overlooked a bit in favor of the Ubiquity releases that preceded it, but it is solid album.  Any record with Pretty Purdie on the drum kit is a solid album though, amiright? Soulful covers of Stevie Wonder, the Theme From MASH, and Roberta Flack are peppered among the originals. In fact, the latter artist – represented by Eugene McDaniels’ “Feel Like Makin’ Love” – is a … Continue reading

Dora Lopes – Enciclopédia da Gíria (1957 Mocambo)

Dora Lopes – Enciclopédia da Gíria Mocambo / Rozenblit 1957 Is this a Pride Month post?  Sort of, because Dora Lopes was possibly the first “out” singer in Brazilian popular music.   But this record was  before anyone outside Rio scenesters knew or cared about her sexuality, and even before she was the proprietor of O Caixotinho, one of Rio’s first lesbian nightclubs that served the Copacabana area beginning in the second half of the 60s.  This 1957 album is notable … Continue reading

The Humblebums – First Collection of Merry Melodies (1969) (Transatlantic TRA-186)

The Humblebums – First Collection of Merry Melodies Vinyl rip in 24-bit/192 kHz | Art scans at 300 dpi 1969 Transatlantic Records TRA 186 | Genre:  Folk The other week, I ran a Patreon poll for the site’s handful of patrons to ask what genre the next post should be about, and “folk” won the day.  A few months ago I shared the final Humblebums record, Open The Door, which is split evenly between Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafferty songs.  … Continue reading

Swallow – Party In Space (1983) (Charlie’s Records SCR 324)

Swallow Party In Space 1983 Charlie’s Records SCR 324   King Swallow is a famous Antiguan calypso and soca artist, but I confess that I picked up this album for the cover photo of the first Challenger space shuttle launch.  There is a rumor that when NASA became aware of this album, they tried to sue Swallow for the unauthorized use of a Department of Defense image (now in the public domain, you can see the original below).  They reached … Continue reading

Haboob – Haboob (1971) (HörZu Black Label / Reprise Records REP 3400)

Haboob – Haboob1971 Hör Zu Black Label / Reprise Records REP 3400Made in Germany This is a rather difficult-to-describe rarity from a group that only made a single record, a trio of ex-pat Americans living in Germany. The driving force is James Jackson who rocks out on Farfisa, Choir Organ, and Hohner Piano. George Green, who also played in the Munich ‘drum orchestra’ band Niagara, gives a drum solo that is actually interesting (I appreciate drum solos in a live … Continue reading