Milton Nascimento – Milton (1970) 320 kbs

Milton Nascimento“MILTON”Released in 1970 on EMI/OdeonRemastered at Abby Road in 1994 Milton Nascimento tends to get a bad rap these days among music connoisseurs. Much of that is his own doing: since he became an international jazz-fusion star in the late 1970s, his records just became worse and worse. Another reason why “jazz-fusion” is often synonymous with the Devil’s work. Satan may torture music snobs with Britney Spears or Pink when they arrive in his fiery domain, but when the … Continue reading

Eddie Kendricks – Going Up In Smoke (1976) 320kbs

This goes out to Agnes in Atlanta on her BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday, yo!!! Agnes is one of my oldest friends (by which I mean a friend I’ve held on to for years, not as in old age) We haven’t actually seen each other in years but hopefully that will change soon. I can’t get enough of Mr. Kendricks lately. I DJ’d a party this Halloween and played two or three of his songs, and could have just played an entire … Continue reading

New Blog! Flabbergasted Folk

I’ve decided my eclectic tastes just can be contained in a single blog, so I’ve started a “splinter blog” named FLABBERGASTED FOLK. The layout needs tweaking and I’ll mess around with it when I have some time. We’re starting it off with a repost of a Bert Jansch record featured here in the early days of this blog – Jack Orion from 1966. Check it out here! This in no way means that I’ll be putting any less effort into … Continue reading

Baden Powell – Le Monde Musical de Baden Powell

Deve Ser Amor – 3:54Choro Para Metronome – 3:00Adágio – 3:07Berimbau – 3:03Samba Em Prelúdio – 3:30Chanson D’hiver – 2:27Samba Triste – 3:33Berceuse A Jussara – 2:37Prelude – 2:54Euridice – 3:05Bachiana – 4:10Garota De Ipanema – 2:59 AMG Rating: 3 StarsRelease Date: 2005Recording Date: 1964Label: Universal Music France Baden Powell (git)Alphonse Masselier (b)Arthur Motta (dr)Silvio Silveira (perc)Paul Mauriat and his orchestraFrancoise Waleh (vcl on “Samba Em Preludio”) 1964 cover Linernotes wrote: Brazilian music is, as its country which is 16 … Continue reading

Elis Regina – Em pleno verão (1970) 320 Abr

Elis ReginaEm pleno verãoReleased 1970 on PhilipsLINK HERE I much prefer Elis performing MPB material than her bright, brash take on bossa nova. This record really marks a new chapter in her trajectory. All of records are more than worth listening to and having, but this is as good a place to start as any. Enjoy this gem from the woman widely regarded as Brazil’s greatest singer. ———————————————————Review from Dusty GrooveOne of the greatest records ever by this amazing Brazilian … Continue reading