Ray Barretto – The Message (1972) 320kbs

Ray Barretto “The Message”Released 1972, Fania RecordsRelease Date Jul 17, 2007Studio/Live StudioMono/Stereo StereoProducer Ray BarrettoEngineer Irv GreenbaumRecording Time 35 minutesPersonnel Ray Barretto – congasOrestes Vilato – timbalesAndy Gonzalez – bass Roberto Rodriguez – trumpetJohnny “Dandy” Rodriguez – bongosRene LopezJoseph “Papy” RomanLouis Cruz – piano From Dusty GrooveOne of Ray Barretto’s hardest-hitting salsa albums of the 70s — a raw set of grooves that’s got Ray moving away from the playfulness of the Latin Soul years, into a more righteous mode … Continue reading

Manu Dibango – Africadelic (1975) 320 kbs

Manu Dibango Released 1973 This pressing 2006, Hi Fly Reocrds 1 The Panther 2:29 2 Soul Fiesta 2:08 3 Africadelic 2:16 4 African Battle 3:00 5 Black Beauty 2:50 6 African Carnaval 3:16 7 Moving Waves 4:03 8 Afro-Soul 2:44 9 Oriental Sunset 1:47 10 Monkey Beat 2:42 11 Wa-Wa 3:03 12 Percussion Storm 1:54 AFRICADELIC is the classic 1973 album composed and recorded in the span of one week by Manu Dibango, after the encouraging success of his monster … Continue reading

The Return of Flabbergasted Freeform

The original form of this blog, at another address, was just a gratuitous forum to host streamable and downloadable files from my freeform radioshow — Flabbergasted Freeform. I took that site down, and also gave up my show in May because of other things I had going on. I occasionally fill in for other people, however, and so I bring you the most recent episode of Flabbergasted Freeform! Enjoy! (Streamable files are coming later this evening) Flabbergasted Freeform DOWNLOADS, 11-14-08 … Continue reading

Alegre All-Stars – Best of The Alegre All-Stars (2005)

  Alegre All-Stars – The Best of..(2005) 320kbs Released pm Vampi-Soul, 2005 This set of music really cooks. VampiSoul is a cool label that puts out great music, but isn’t exactly known for thorough packaging or notes. The blurb below the tracklist here is literally all we get. The lineup listed on the inside of the digipack is filled with heavy hitters, but probably not playing all the same time! But, the music is fantastic and that’s what counts!!! 1. … Continue reading

Milton Nascimento – Milton (1970) 320 kbs

Milton Nascimento“MILTON”Released in 1970 on EMI/OdeonRemastered at Abby Road in 1994 Milton Nascimento tends to get a bad rap these days among music connoisseurs. Much of that is his own doing: since he became an international jazz-fusion star in the late 1970s, his records just became worse and worse. Another reason why “jazz-fusion” is often synonymous with the Devil’s work. Satan may torture music snobs with Britney Spears or Pink when they arrive in his fiery domain, but when the … Continue reading

Eddie Kendricks – Going Up In Smoke (1976) 320kbs

This goes out to Agnes in Atlanta on her BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday, yo!!! Agnes is one of my oldest friends (by which I mean a friend I’ve held on to for years, not as in old age) We haven’t actually seen each other in years but hopefully that will change soon. I can’t get enough of Mr. Kendricks lately. I DJ’d a party this Halloween and played two or three of his songs, and could have just played an entire … Continue reading