BITRATE MISTAKE, please re-download

Several recent uploads were listed as 320/kbs, the bitrate that I INTENDED to encode at. Somehow, these were ctually somewhere around 160-170 — a horribly and very lossy-sounding bit depth indeed. Conversion was done with dbPoweramp set at 320/kbs Average Bit Rate (ABR), and somehow all files converted at this setting ended up at about half that!

PLEASE for the love of God, redownload these. The following links have been replaced and if you grabbed these shares before the afternoon of August 25, I recommend replacing them with these:

Trio Mocotó (1973)

Jorge Ben – Força Bruta (1970)
Jorge Ben – Jorge Ben (1969)
My apologies for the inconvenience!

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  1. Does this mean I should re-download Ben’s forca bruta? I just downloaded yesterday, what a beautiful album.

  2. You don’t *have* to re-download anything if you are happy with it the way it is. But I made a personal promise to myself not to upload anything under 224/kbs whenever possible, because I believe low-quality mp3s are destroying the ears of an entire generation!

    I replaced all the links yesterday, one at a time, with the last one being uploaded at 6:20 pm or so. If you grabbed the files before that, you could check the file info of an individual song for the bit-depth. On a PC you right-click and chose the ‘properties’ option — I can’t remember how this is done on a Mac. If it does not show 320 kilobytes per second (kbs) then you have the old fileset. Thanks for asking!

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