Manu Dibango – Africadelic (1975) 320 kbs

Manu Dibango
Released 1973
This pressing 2006, Hi Fly Reocrds

1 The Panther 2:29
2 Soul Fiesta 2:08
3 Africadelic 2:16
4 African Battle 3:00
5 Black Beauty 2:50
6 African Carnaval 3:16
7 Moving Waves 4:03
8 Afro-Soul 2:44
9 Oriental Sunset 1:47
10 Monkey Beat 2:42
11 Wa-Wa 3:03
12 Percussion Storm 1:54

AFRICADELIC is the classic 1973 album composed and recorded in the span of one week by Manu Dibango, after the encouraging success of his monster hit “Soul Mokossa.” Here he continues to fuse Afro-Caribbean flavors with the contemporary Latin … Full Descriptionand funk influences of the day, resulting in a highly soulful, highly danceable album.


Incredibly funky work from Manu Dibango — a set that’s easily as great as his classic Soul Makossa album — but which is a lot more obscure overall! The work’s got a fiercely-jamming quality all the way through — lots of rumbling percussion at the bottom, and also a bit of keyboards as well — served up in a heady brew that turns out to be a perfect setting for Dibango’s sharp-edged reeds! The record’s got a few especially great break tracks, but all numbers are pretty darn great too — filled with more funky changes, flaring horns, and 70s-styled grooves than you might ever hope to find in a single album! Tracks include “Black Beauty”, “Soul Fiesta”, “The Panther”, “Africadelic”, “Moving Waves”, “Afro Soul”, “Wa Wa”, “Percussion Storm”, “Monkey Beat”, and “Oriental Sunset”.

It might be an attempt to quickly cash in on the success of Soul Makossa, but it’s still an amazing record from start to finish. Enjoy!

Check out the very very nice Manu Dibango Discography over at Soundological Investigations!

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  1. Another monster! Thanks fellas!

  2. Wooow increíble album!! Uno de los mejores que he escuchado de Manu! funky, prendido, cadencioso y muchos mas adjetivos le podría encontrar! Como dirían en ingles, “All killer No Filler” un discazo de principio a fin no se lo pierdan por el amor de Dios!!

  3. thank you somuch!! this album is a gem, a monster, a classic. it’s so unbelievable good, i can’t believe it 😉

    keep on doing you great work

  4. Hi this is Prasad Joshi from Pune India .
    I request you to please post the 1972 Soul Makossa album by Manu Dibango .
    I will be thankful .


  5. Hi Flabbergast! Great share here!

    I’ve included a link to your page in a post featuring Manu ‘s discography:

    @Praj, you’ll find Soul Makossa over there too.


  6. Thank you very much for the link . I really appriciate you for sending me the link .
    Soul Makossa 1972 is a great album .
    Will you please tell me is it the same album which was released in cameroon having 11 tracks .

  7. Praj, dude, STOP COMMENTING ON THIS POST EVERY DAY. You are driving me nuts. I do not have the pressing you want, and even if I did, I would probably hesitate to post it because you are driving me crazy. Just chill! It’s Dibango’s most famous album, surely you can find it somewhere else. Try this

  8. Sorry For troubling you .
    Extremely sorry .
    Please ignore if any other comment from me comes to you by mistake cause i think i have posted another one before reading this particular reply .
    Sorry once again .

  9. I've been wanting to check out some Dibango. Thank you very much for sharing!

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