Eddie Kendricks – Eddie Kendricks (1973)

Eddie Kendricks
Eddie Kendricks (1973)
Tamla / Motown T327L

1 Only Room for Two
2 Darling Come Back Home
3 Each Day I Cry a Little
4 Can’t Help What I Am
5. Keep on Truckin’
6 Any Day Now
7. Not on the Outside
8. Where Do You Go (Baby)

Eddie Kendricks – Eddie Kendricks (1973) in 320kbs em pee three

VINYL RIP – Technical Specs

Music Hall MMF.5 Turntable with Goldring 1012GX cartridge, Gyger II diamond stylus, and MK II XLR Ringmat –> Projekt Speedbox II -> Parasound Z Phono Preamp -> Marantz PMD 661 digital recorder at 24/96khz

Declicked on very light settings with Click Repair -> DC Offset and track splitting in Adobe Audition 2.0

Dithering to 16-bit in Adobe AUdition
Converted to FLAC and mp3 with DbPoweramp

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  1. This album is a must have! Thank you and your site continues to impress. Keep up the great work. PEace and Blessings!!!

  2. is there a password, sorry to bother you but eddie is the MAN

  3. hi cheech, no there are no passwords for anything here. In over a year of existence, you are actually the first person to ever ask that! Does that make you "retarded", as you put it in your other comment? Hmmm well, I dunno, but it sure does make you "special."

    And yes, Eddie is the man. I wish I had ripped all of my vinyls of him before they went into storage, but there's always next year!

  4. another one down… could you re-up please? thanks!!

  5. thank you for this. My copy got trashed. Great site! Happy New year 2012!
    Don in Oregon

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