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A friend of mine alerted me to the news posted below, from January. If you don’t read Portuguese the main thing to know is that vinyl sales grew 89% in 2008. Pretty damn amazing for a “dead” format, don’t you think? The bad news is that the top ten LPs sold is a list populated with crap, with a few exceptions: The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel.. hell, I’ll even get behind ol’ played-out Dark Side of the Moon just for sheer its persistence. But I consider being forced to listen to Guns ‘N Roses in the way that human rights organizations regard the CIA’s interrogation tactics in the last eight years. Still, for the vinyl freaks, this is positive news.
12/01/2009 – 12h51
Venda de vinil surpreende e cresce 89% nos EUA em 2008

da Folha Online
A indústria do vinil deu novo sinal de vida em 2008. Com 1,8 milhão de unidades vendidas nos Estados Unidos no ano passado, a comercialização de LPs cresceu 89% em relação a 2007, quando 990 mil unidades saíram das prateleiras.

De acordo com levantamento da SoundScan, o recorde anterior é do ano 2000, quando cerca de 1,5 milhão de LPs foram vendidos.
Os números de 2008 surpreendem principalmente se comparados com a vendagem de álbuns em todos os formatos (vinil, CD, DVD de áudio, downloads e ringtone), que despencou 14% nos Estados Unidos.
De acordo com o site “LA Weekly’s”, o vinil mais vendido em 2008 foi o “In Rainbows” (2007), do Radiohead, seguido por “Abbey Road” (1969), dos Beatles, e “Chinese Democracy” (2008), do Guns n’ Roses.
Veja a lista dos dez vinis mais vendidos em 2008 nos Estados Unidos:

omitted for your protection

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  1. c´mom man, I know there’s a lot of crap there, but In Rainbows (Radiohead) is a great, amazing rock album… ok, I know Radiohead does not get even close to the amazing music avaliable here and at Loronix. But the album is great, I swear to you! Take it for a spin, like zecaloura says, and you’ll enjoy it!

    Still, the vinyl sales that are more important, at least to me, are those vinyls you buy on the streets… you can find amazing and cheap deals out there, just have to search a little…

    But what I like about this news it that people start to “care” more for the album and not only for the music… I mean, an album is its music, cover artwork, credits, etc… So, if people are paying more attention to it, it’s great, right?


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