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  1. I really do not support non authorized copy of songs, either in MP3, FLAC or WAV… but this banner is really… sorry, but it is dumb! What the heck? Communism? Sounds really demodé to me and also sounds very “american”, in a sense that shows how americans are superior to communist… if they are, I don’t know, but I don’t like this feeling of superiority… also, I really don’t get the message here – what does piracy have to do with communism?

    By the way. my criticism here is towards the banner and not towards your post, ok? I also wanna make it clear that I have best friends, ex g/f’s, family “in heart” and many dear people in the US… so my criticism is not towards the US either…

    Nao me leve a mal amigo, é só um comentário sem maldade… só uma crítica mesmo! Abraço! Parabéns pelo belo trabalho!

  2. Oi rapaz, nos temos um mal-entendimento em verdade. Isso não tem nada ver com imperialismo ou “superioridade” americano. é uma coisa satírica. Vou explicar com o seguinte

    This banner is satirical, poking fun at the RIAA for their stance on file sharing. Their position would makes millions of people in my country into “criminals” and villains. It is comparing this to the “red scare” here during the Cold War. The RIAA has been pushing lawsuits on to anyone they can, including senior citizens and dead people. Granted, that’s not quite the McCarthy Hearings, but hell… Rather than change their own business model, they are opting for the litigious route. The same kind of satire is behind ironic reuse of the images designed by the British recording industry – of a cassette tape arranged with as a skull and crossbones and the slogan “Home Taping Is Killing Music.” This was a campaign run by the industry in the 1980s to convince people that making tapes of your favorite music for a friend was going to bankrupt Rod Stewart or something. It was parodied at the time by a whole bunch of people, and it is being used now by advocates of filesharing to remind people just how much the recording industries’ scare tactics have NOT changed, and how their alarmist predictions have not come to pass. (They said the same shit when recordable CDs first came on the market, if you recall).

    See this Wikipedia article for more

    If you knew me better you would know that I am far from a capitalist at heart — except in my music-buying practices. I buy more music every month than anyone I know.

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