Alaide Costa – Afinal (1963) 320kbs

Alaide Costa – Afinal (1963) 320 kbs


Insensatez (Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes)

A insensatez que você fez
Coração mais sem cuidado
Fez chorar de dor
O seu amor
Um amor tão delicado
Ah, porque você foi fraco assim
Assim tão desalmado
Ah, meu coração quem nunca amou
Não merece ser amado

Vai meu coração ouve a razão
Usa só sinceridade
Quem semeia vento, diz a razão
Colhe sempre tempestade
Vai, meu coração pede perdão
Perdão apaixonado
Vai porque quem não
Pede perdão
Não é nunca perdoado
This is a marvelous record from start to finish. It is nice of RGE to feature the original album cover art, but it would be much nicer if they could reproduce it in a way that was legible. Lots of liner notes that look interesting as well as complete lyrics. The players (I had to squint much to get this, so please appreciate!):
Piano – César
Guitar – Theo
Bass – Naba
Drums – Hamilton
Vocal chorus on track 2 and — Trio Seleno
Arrangements – Gaya

I was never on a first-name basis with these chaps but apparently the Brazilian listening public of 1963 was.. Or maybe not. Either way there is excellent playing throughout, very sensitive to the dynamics of Alaide’s voice. There are also uncredited musicians on here, playing xylophone, sax, trombone, flute and probably a few other instruments I am forgetting. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have, it has brightened my days of late. It is truly beautiful.

1. Afinal
2. E Agora?
3. Natureza
4. Cadê O Amor
5. Ouvi Tua Voz
6. Igrejinha
7. Insensatez
8. Estorinha
9. Tristeza De Amar
10. Manhã Chegou
11. Rimas De Ninguém
12. Como Eu Gosto De Você

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  1. ….beautiful stuff…what a voice…has that Betty Carter lilt to it that gets me every time…great post, thanks for this one..

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