Pharoah Sanders – Live at the East (2007) 320kbs

Pharoah Sanders – Live At The East

01 – Healing Song
02 – Memories Of J.W. Coltrane
03 – Lumkili

Pharoah Sanders – tenor sax
Harold Vic – tenor sax, voices
Marvin Peterson – trumpet
Carlos Garnett – flute, voices
Joseph Bonner – piano, harmonium
Stanley Clarke – bass
Cecil McBee – bass
Norman Connors – drums
Lawrence Killian – conga drums, bailophone
Billy Hart – drums

Recorded: 1971 Live at ‘The East’, NYC

Taken from the Japanese CD: UCCI-9133

I woke up in another hemisphere
And you were gone.
I had no address,
No telephone
No family
No identity.
I spent the mornings sleeping in and the afternoons
Walking broken sidewalks in the unbelievable heat and light
Reacquainting myself with exile
Circumspectly watching the tourists, trying not to feel like one
Climb the hills of the old city, a never-ending conversation in my skull
Like when I would hike in the mountains alone
Except, here, I was surrounded by thousands of people
I woke up in a another month
And you still weren´t there
But there was a telephone now
And almost a place to live, to call home, though it was getting hard to find.
I was surrounded by beautiful music, beautiful bodies
Dancing beautifully and naturally as this language I can barely speak
My ears vibrate with a quiet joy but bittersweet
As I walk down the broken sidewalks to my temporary bed
To riotous American Soul Music inside my head, reminding me of
The only dance partner who really meant much
A trumpet riffing ‘Camp Town Races’ makes me grin in the new moon’s half-light
I knew at that moment that I was in need of a Healing Song
And I did not, not yet, know just how deep that need can ache.

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  1. Yo, you’re getting better everyday… I love “memories of J.W Coltrane” it’s fantastic stuff… The East was this Jazz cooperative and early 70’s Brooklyn, there’s a great article about it in Wax Poetics issue 14 (with David Axelrod on the cover) you should check this shit out…

  2. thanks man, and thanks for the tip. I actually want someone to send down a small stack of those magazines down here. Although DGA does do international shipping, so hmmm..

  3. Gracias excelente post!! pero ojala tuvieras oportunidad de deleitarnos con los scans como normalmente nos tenias acostumbrados!
    De todas formas gracias!!

  4. >>>Pat said…

    April 30, 2009 11:52 PM
    Um, care to elaborate on that?

    (note: for some reason I have yet to figure out, the letter k when placed in a series, like kkkkkkkk, is the Brazilian way of e-laughing..)

  5. …gracias a lot from spain ¡¡¡¡

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