Cadê Luiz Gonzaga?? anyone?

Oi galera
A post of Luiz Gonzaga – A Triste Partida, has mysteriously disappeared from the blog. Not sure how this happened — technical glitch, a spasm of surly behavior (I am prone to them), or just clicking on the wrong button. Doesn’t really matter. But what stinks is that I wrote a rather long review of the record, particularly about the first track, that I appear to have saved nowhere at all but this blog. That’ll learn me. Well you never know what people out there on the internets are up to, and perhaps one of you saves those type of things into a text file or something — in this case, *please* pass it along to me as I would love to restore the post but have no time or inclination at the moment to rewrite my manifesto on the music and culture of post-war Northeast Brazil, or whatever it was.

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