Blackbyrds – The Blackbyrds / Flying Start (1973/74) 320kbs and FLAC

Thanks to KUNG for this rip of these wonderful two albums issued together. No time for the type of review this deserves, not this week, but you can read the back cover. I’ve just been enjoying this too much lately to keep all the fun to myself. ENJOY! And thanks again Kung!

flying startblackbyrds tray

Blackbyrds (1973) and Flying Start (1974) at 320kbs

in FLAC…

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  1. Look, I am only publishing this comment because this is the 2nd one of its kind i have received in the last week. IF YOU CAN OPEN A ZIP FILE, YOU CAN OPEN A .RAR FILE. Just figure it out! Would you folks like me to come over and put the music in your stereo and play it for you too? Maybe wash your dishes while I am there?

    Oh and by the way, YOU’RE WELCOME for the post and the effort of this blog.

    some people…

  2. Thanks flabbergast, have linked and pimped you at the Blackbyrds discography.

  3. my dishes DO need washing. And to be honest, i just discovered that i am allergic to .RAR files, so really… zips would be appreciated in the future : )
    hope all is well, and obrigada.

  4. Just heard "walkin' in Rhythm" ON THE RADIO today for the first time in about 30 years. That drove me to look 'em up. Thanks for this double post. I had "Flying Start" on vinyl, and look forward to hearing it again.

  5. I have to say I second the blogger's emotion re the complaint about no zip folders . The issue is hardly a complicated one – five seconds on google would enlighten anyone about rar archives – although I can't see how there could be a problem in the first place. Anyone with enough knowledge to navigate to this blog should surely be able o figure out how to extract files from an archive fairly easily.

    Anyway, even though I have vinyl copies of these LPs, I appreciate the blogger's effort in ripping them. It saves me the trouble!

  6. Hi there Flabbergast,
    I’ve linked to your page in my post of Elvin Jones – “The Main Force” (1976). Connection here is bassist Dave Williams
    All the best,

  7. z-share is such a drag in my country. can you re-up the FLAC version of Blackbyrds/Flying Start in either rapidshare or megaupload. thanks and cheers…

  8. good lookin out with the 2 albums..unlike some people, i don't care how you compressed it or where you uploaded it..if some is good then more is better, txs –>

  9. Thanks for sharing your stuff with us all regardles of how!

  10. Flabbergaster,

    thanks for sharing. Great music and taste. La elegancia se tiene, o no se tiene. Tu la tienes.

    Un abrazo desde Rumania y gracias,


  11. Thanks for this one! Never listened to The Blackbyrds first, but I had listened to "Reggins" and I knew I had to check out the whole thing…

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