Pinduca – Muito Pinduca (1979)


Muito Pinduca
Released 1979
CD Pressing, Copacabana 99471

Carímbo is a type of music with roots in the Tupí indigenous culture of Brazil, in particular what was going on in what would become the state of Pará. The story goes that when African slaves where brought into that part of Brazil, they took the carimbó rhythm and Africanized it somewhat, making something else out of it that would morph further into modern carimbó music.

The Artist Known as Pinduca was putting together his own bands as early as 1957 but did not release his first album until 1973. Associated with Belém de Pará, he is actually a native of Igarapé-Mirim, in the interior of Pará, from a musical family and with 12 brothers and sisters. Since 1973 he has released something on the order of 30 albums. This compilation from the late 70s is pretty damn fantastic! I am for once at a loss for words on how to describe this stuff — some sort of electric cumbia-ska-Afro-Brazilian party with rocking maracas, sax solos, trombones, electric guitars playing infectious rhythms, sometimes organ, drums drums drums, and of course PINDUCA singing his ass off — a huge band, always a huge band, always fun, catchy as hell.

It would be hard to be in anything but a good mood when you put this record on. Try it!!!!

Pinduca is known as “The KING OF CARIMBÓ” for a reason!!!

01 Sinhá Pureza – (Pinduca)
02 Siriá do Pará – (Pinduca – Menezes de Carvalho)
03 Carimbó do macaco – (Pinduca)
04 Dona Mariana – (Pinduca – Pai Reginaldo)
05 Garota do tacacá – (Pinduca)
06 Boi bumbá de Parintins – (Pinduca – Deuza)
07 Depois da chuva – (Pinduca – Deuza)
08 Areia do alto mar – (Pinduca – João Antonio)
09 O caçador – (Domínio público)
10 Marcha do vestibular – (Pinduca – Lacram)
11 Terra boa é o Pará – (Pinduca)
12 Dança do carimbó – (Domínio público)
13 Sem você nada é bonito – (Pinduca – Otavio Roosevelth)
14 12 horas sem te ver – (Pinduca – Nenem)

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  1. Hi,
    apologies for all these messages.

    As I mentioned, there are a few posts where the flac links don't work.

    However I noticed that this one goes to a z-share page which shows "flac" in the title of the hosted archive, but it is actually an mp3 archive when downloaded.

    Hope this is helpful.

    As I said elsewhere this blog is one of the top two or three around if flac links are taken into account.


  2. Hey there Anon, yes this one was actually a case where I misnamed the zip/rar file. I have this in FLAC but never put it up here. My bandwidth is limited (only 40 to 50kbs upstream max) and, to tell the truth, I had my doubts about the interest in FLAC audio for artists like Pinduca that are lesser-known outside Brazil. Recently I have come to the realization that I don't care to play weatherman and so now I just put the FLACs up for every post. I can have this (and the Maysa) up in the next day or so. By the way, there once was a blog post here asking for *requests* for any FLACS that weren't yet here, and it was forceably removed. I took the hint and decided "taking requests" wasn't such a good idea. Thanks again for your interest and your kind words.

  3. Os links são furados! Pode fazer novo upload? Forte abaço!
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