Luiz Eça y La Familia Sagrada – Onda Nova do Brasil (1970)

Luiz Eça y La Familia Sagrada
Recorded 1970*
Released on Discos AVV SA (Mexico) – AVV-1136, 1978

My friend in Italy is setting me up with a bunch of music on one of my favorite labels, VampiSoul. This one is the first of the bunch I will share with you, and it is really an amazing delight for the ears. One of the biggest aural surprises I have had in a long time was putting this album on and thinking, how the HELL did this go unreleased for 8 years — and to all appearances has never seen an official release in Brazil itself.

Luiz Eça, the innovative pianist behind the Tamba Trio (and later the Tamba 4), explores more pop territory on this album, with only one of his own compositions making an appearance. Classic tunes from Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brandt, an original interpretation of the oft-covered ‘Pais Tropical’ from Jorge Ben features Wilson Simonal belting it out, several songs from my favorite freak Antônio Adolfo, and even a Roberto Carlos tune. The song ‘Yemele’ (by Luis Carlos Vinhas and Chico Feitoso, mispelled on the CD jacket), had been recorded in a very funky version by Maria Bethania a year or two earlier and may have been an inspiration for this reading.

Sr. Eça has help from a HUGE ensemble of amazing musicians. Check this out:

Wow you can possibly go wrong with this? Also it seems that Nelson Angelo, Joyce, and Nana Vasconcelos had a habit of working on albums that never got released in their day.

If you enjoy this album even a fraction as much as I do, I think it will improve your day considerably.

* According to VampiSoul this was recorded in Brazil, but I question this. Most if not all of the musicians participating on this album were hiding out in Mexico after the military counter-revolution issued constitutional act AI-5 and things got *really* bad. In fact the person responsible for the eventual release of the album, Rogelio Villareal, ran a hotel chain at which tons of bossa nova and MPB starts took refuge and performed regularly. As it seems rather unlikely to me that a huge group of musicians like this would go back to the dictatorship to record this album, all signs point to it being recorded in Mexico itself.

Luiz Eça y La Familia Sagrada – Onda Nova do Brasil (1970) in 320 em pee three

Luiz Eça y La Familia Sagrada – Onda Nova do Brasil (1970) in FLAC LOSSLESS AUDIO

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  1. love this album, great to have an upped bitrate, thanks guys!

  2. You have easily shot to one of my top 10 fav blogs with this post alone. Keep it up, Thanks!!

  3. I'll politely ask for a FLAC reupload of this album, and thank you for all the amazing work you have done here so far.

    Take care.

  4. Where is the download link?

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