Gato Barbieri – Fenix (1971)

Gato Barbieri
Released 1971 on Flying Dutchman (FD 10158)

Having already established himself in the vanguard of free jazz (stints with Don Cherry, an appearance on the landmark ‘Liberation Music Orchestra’ from Charlie Haden / Carla Bley), Barbieri was producing some incredible work as a bandleader by the late 60s. For some reason this album feels like an appropriate “holiday season” album to me, whatever your particular cosmological inclinations might be. The album is really part of a series of a politically-engaged, Pan-American albums whose musical sensibilities were damn unique. Barbieri’s riffing rarely drifts from the fiercer side of a Coltrane / Pharoah orientation. It’s soulful, spiritual jazz, but also angry. With Lenny White on drums, Lonnie Liston Smith on keys, and Naná Vasconcelos on congas and berimbau (Naná was, and still is, the most capable and expressive player of this instrument), you really can’t go wrong with this record. One really interesting cut is the song ‘Falsa Baiana’, written as a samba by Geraldo Pereira and made famous by Roberto Silva (to be reinterpreted later as bossa nova by João Gilberto, and in MPB’s idiom by Gal Costa and others). Gato’s rendition here, one of the calmer tracks on the album, is almost unrecognizable as he circles around the chord changes and doesn’t play the main melody until three minutes into the song. This album is a treasure for the ears and the soul, enjoy!

The BMG France reissue has the original sleeve notes from Michael Cuscuna and some newer commentary in French that I can’t really read.

Gato Barbieri – Fenix (1971) in 320kbs em pee three
Gato Barbieri – Fenix (1971) in FLAC LOSSLESS AUDIO format

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  1. oooh ahhhh i love this album 🙂 Got it on vinyl but gonna grab your digi version, thanks a lot and hope all's good !

  2. This artist will always be remembered for his score to "Last Tango In Paris" period. From this era.

  3. The flac link is gone, like the Jorge Ben.

    It seems that megaupload are deleting your links. Are you still disguising the filenames? If so, it might be better to upload split archives to rapidshare, if the file size is above the rapidshare maximum.

    I assume you know how – but if not it's simple in winrar. Just right click the file you want to create a rar or zip for, select "add to archive", then in the winrar window select "split to volumes" and choose the size of the split archives.

    That will create a series of archives with extensions called "part1.rar", "part2.rar" and so on. All the downloader has to do is extract the part1.rar file and the others will extract and combine into the original unsplit file automatically.

    Apologies if you know this already – just trying to help!

  4. hey A2, thank you very very much for explaining this to me, because actually I never understood how to do it. I guess I never put much effort into learning how, however.

    I am only kind of sort of disguising filenames. For example, I believe this one was there as "Fenix" only, and the other as "Ben(1972)". I found when I made the 'disguises' too complex, I couldn't remember what they were unless I started making some type of cipher key for myself…

    I'll try the 2-part rars, thanks!

  5. FLAC links should be up and working now

  6. Thanks!!! 🙂

  7. I'm curious how this argentinian jazz will sound. Thank you!

  8. absolutely one of gato's best outings and an outstanding share! thanks.

  9. Ótimo Blog meu caro, muito obrigado por compartilhar conosco tanto seu conhecimento quanto seu arquivos.
    Grande Abraço

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