Beth Carvalho – Andança (1969)

Translation of reissue back cover:

Beth Carvalho had already reached 3rd place with “Andança” at the III International Festival of Song, in 1968, when she released this, her first and only LP on Odeon. In spite of having a hit song, the disc wasn’t any champion in terms of sales. In the 90s it was reissued on CD in Japan and Europe, and now for the first time it is being released on CD in Brazil. The repertoire strolls lazily on the beach of the song festivals, but breathes new life into Luicionio Rodrigues (“Nunca”), Marino Pinto and Paulo Soledade (“Estrelo do Mar”, a hit for Dalva de Oliveira) and presents the little-known “Um amor em cada coração” from Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes.
— Thiago Marques Luiz

The also features swinging jazz-bossa accompaniment from Som Três on quite a few tunes (led by Cesár Camargo Mariano, future husband to Elis Regina), who by this time had become Wilson Simonal’s regular band. A handful of other songs, including the hit title track, feature the vocal group The Golden Boys, a Jovem Guarda vocal group who were sort of like a Brazilian version of The Platters.

The first time I heard this album, I hated it. I wanted Beth Carvalho the sambista. This record dates from before she discovered Nelson Cavaquinho and became a disciple, when she was still a young lass of the middle-class and dabbling in ‘young samba’, fino da bossa, and other sounds. I think her voice is much better suited to samba, and to me it’s no surprise that this is the only record in this MPB style that she ever made, and found her artistic soul in roots-driven samba soon after. Still, its a solid record, and a little-known entry in her discography.

Beth Carvalho – “Andança”
Odeon MOFB 3581
Reissue 2008, EMI 234517-2

01. Um amor em cada coração (Baden Powell – Vinicius de Moraes)
02. Maria Aninha (Fred Falcão – Paulinho Tapajós)
03. Fechei a porta (Ferreira da Silva – Sebastião Mota)
04. O porto (Renato Rocha)
05. Carnaval (Carlos Elias – Nelson Lins e Barros)
06. Andança (Edmundo Souto – Danilo Caymmi – Paulinho Tapajós)
07. Rumo sul (Edmundo Souto – Paulinho Tapajós)
08. Sentinela (Milton Nascimento – Fernando Brant)
09. Nunca (Lupicínio Rodrigues)
10. Samba do perdão (Baden Powell – Paulo César Pinheiro)
11. Maria da favela (Paulo Sergio Valle – Marcos Valle)
12. Estrela do mar (Marino Pinto – Paulo Soledade)

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  1. Never heard this one, real nice of you to share it so others might enjoy it too !

  2. Interesting. Nver heard this before. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I heard the vinyl rip of this; through JThyme I believe. I like it quite a bit. It's not a samba record obviously, but the MPB-like arrangements and production are well done.

  4. happy new year! i wanted to thank you for all of your great posts, so here's a link for prince lasha's "insight" from 1966, just reissued on cd. it's a high quality 320 kbps rip. enjoy!

  5. A very nice debut & a total masterpiece! Bravo!

  6. nice one, good stuff 🙂

  7. AvantGrape makes a very interesting point & I guess that it's something that's worth talking about. This mixture of styles over in Brasil is at first a little startling, but once you warm up to the variations of takes on a particular song like say "Nana", then you can enjoy the musical dexterity of firstly "The Song" & then the arrangements & lastly the performance. I agree with AvantGrape that this is more of an MPB Jazz affair, but there are some Sambas on here. "Carnaval" is as Samba as it gets. This is 1969, not 1975. Multitrack recording didn't really take hold until the early 70's. To love the great Brasilian songbook would ultimately open one up the the evolution of its songs & it's songwriters. Just because a Samba is soft doesn't mean that it doesn't swing!

  8. Gosto das musicas de Beth, desde 1800 Colinas. Sempre sorrindo quando canta…

  9. E o Link ???

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