Gato Barbieri – El Pampero (1971)

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Gato Barbieri
“El Pampero”
Released 1971 as Flyind Dutchman FD-10151

This reissues 2002 BMG France / RCA Victor Gold Series

1. El Pampero (Gato Barbieri)
2. Mi Buenos Aires Querido (Carlos Gardel – Alfredo Lepera)
3. Brasil (Aldo Cabral – Benedicto Lacerda)
4. El Arriero (Atahualpa Yupanqui)
5. El Gato (Oliver Nelson)

Tracks 1 through 4 recorded on June 18, 1971 at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland

Personnel: Lonnie Liston Smith, piano; Chuck Rainey, electric bass; Bernard Purdie, drums; Sonny Morgan, conga; Nana Vasconcelos, percussion, berimbau; Gato Barbieri, saxophone, vocal on track 4.

Track 5 recorded in May, 1972 at RCA Studios, NYC. Personnel includes:
Romeo Pengue, alto flute, English horn; Phil Bodner, flute, alto flute; Danny Bank, bass clarinet; Oliver Nelson, alto saxophone, conductor, arranger; Hank Jones, piano; David Spinozza, guitar; Ron Carter, bass; Bernard Purdie, drums; Airto Moreira, percussion.

Phenomenal live set from Gato Barbieri at the peak of his feline prowess and with an amazing ensemble that was essentially a pick-up gig for most of them. But not just any pick-up band, no siree! Bernand “Pretty” Purdie on skins along with Chuck Rainey on bass (playing the festival with Aretha Franklin and King Curtis) aren’t exactly some music-school hacks you pick up at the bus station on the way to the show. Lonnie Liston Smith and the one and only Nana Vasconcelos were the only regular band members on stage with Gato, and both give it everything they’ve got. In spite of being improvised by the seat-of-their-pants, the only time I notice the Purdie/Rainey rhythm section lag, if not quite falter, is in the beginning section of Brasil where Rainey comes in a measure behind Pretty Purdie’s triumphant drum entrance about three minutes in. Other than that, they sound like they had all been playing together for years. The ambient place-making of “Mi Buenos Aires Querido” is as evocative a piece as Gato ever played. But the highlight for me is “El Ariero”, a song by the very influential Argentinian composer and writer Atahualp Yupanqui. Gato had also recorded in the studio and released it on the album “Fenix” earlier in the year, where I think it has a little more *power* or some similar descriptor, particularly the vocal, but this version has a nice spontaneous intensity to it. The last track, written by frequent collaborator Oliver Nelson, is a bonus cut to this CD, having appeared on a Flying Dutchman compilation of the same name (El Gato) where it was the sole original, unreleased track. This reissue does us the favor of placing it here, and saving us from looking at the awful front cover design of Barbieri turning into a cat, werewolf-style. The lineup is a considerably augmented ensemble which now includes Ron Carter on bass and Airto Moreira on percussion in place of Nana. A beautiful tune, particularly the double flute arrangements.

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  1. senha, pass

  2. nice! thanks you, vibes!

  3. 320 already gone?

  4. Thank you very much for the best album Gato has ever made.

  5. Hello
    I just bought a record, which I could not find trace of in the net. Maybe you know it?
    Gato Barbieri "live in Buenos Ayres, 1971". It further says: G.Barbieri, tens; L.Smith, pno; Nana, perc.; & others.
    Recorded in Buenos Ayres, 1971
    Tracks are: Side 1: Michelle 2°, Unknown. Side 2: Latin America n.2, Michelle
    The record appeared in 1976 on Oxford Label OX/3003.
    Thanks for your help
    My email:

  6. Greetings. 'El Pampero' is downloading now. I'm not familiar with this recording. I have a couple of his late '60's records, and have heard a few of his late '70's releases that I don't feel warrent much attention. The one recording I am desperately searching for is "The Third World" from, I believe, 1970-71. Do you have this recording, or can you direct me to a site that may have it? Many thanks for this posting, and your great site!


  7. Hi Brian, yes I have "The Third World" and had been thinking of bringing it here, along with the rest of his classic 'Latin America'-series albums. Regarding his late 70s stuff.. yeah, its terrible and not worth your time.

    hey soga57, that live in Buenos Aires sounds terrific but I do not have any information on it, sorry!

  8. Have been playing "Fenix" a couple of times and if the new offering is only nearly as good, we're all in for a real treat. Thank you!

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