Jorge Ben – Salve, Jorge! Inéditas e raridades (2009)

Finally, here it is — The grand finale, the 2-CD ‘bonus’ of the Jorge Ben boxset. Two discs of material that is either unreleased or only available on rare compilations or on B-sides, all from Ben’s golden years of genius and productivity. For Ben fans this is the most anticipated part of the box, since he has never had any similar releases of rare stuff. My only gripe is the FUGLY packaging (*for non-native English speakers, that is Fucking + Ugly). With all this rare audio, there is not a single rare photograph in the booklet, no real liner notes, and the graphic design gives me a migraine headache.

I am cranky and curmudgeonly today. I am blogging on autopilot this week and I don’t like it. I had hoped to post this when I had some pithy remarks and observations. I moved recently (for the third time in as many years) and had managed to prepare the rest of this box before the tumult overtook me, while this two-disk set needed a bit more TLC. It’s new enough that the tracklists do not exist in the online databases like freedb so everything had to be manually entered in. Normally I also like to restore the orthographic characters to the Portuguese titles in the ID-tags, so that the proper orthography is visible in your digital music player. I have also taken to putting composer’s names in the ID tags. I am not sure if anyone notices or appreciates this type of obsessive-compulsive fussiness or not, but it keeps me going. However sometimes it, er, holds things up. I have received nearly daily requests for this collection of rarities since the first posts from this box-set appeared at Flabbergasted Vibes. For those who have been patiently waiting, I hope you find it was worth it. I think you probably will.

Perhaps I will post some of my pithy comments and witty observations about the actual music, sometime in the near future, in the comments section here.

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  1. password / senha:

  2. Let me be the first to thank you greatly for sharing such a treasure

  3. OMG! Thank you a thousand times!

  4. Thanks a lot and congratulations for completing the full box! I had a lot of Jorge Ben but I'm curious to listen to those rarities and I'm happy to revisit some of his other great recordings (especially from the late sixties onwards).
    Have a nice easter weekend, dan-the-man

  5. Appreciate the ID tagging, I'm just as obsessive with my entire digital collection and am thnakful.

  6. Muito obrigado pela postaem, do fundo do meu coração.
    Abraços e feliz páscoa.

  7. This looks mighty promising!
    Many thanks!

  8. Thank You! Big respect.

  9. I really appreciate having a chance to listen to this. Many thanks and look forward to reading your incisive comments later on.

  10. How could it not be worth it. I havnt downloaded any of the others, allready having them all in some format (mosttly CD) but i cant wait to play this. Of course I also want the physical box itself. The tagging is well appreciated by me as well. GReat Blobg Mr. Flabbergasted.

  11. thank you so much flabbergasted for this post. I was wondering if you have "A Banda do Ze Pretinho", it's a Jorge Ben's classic that i couldn't find in stores. thanks my frinds, from Uruguay

  12. thank you, looking forward to listening!

  13. Thanks for this one FG! Really surprised at some of the versions here and enjoying hearing some "new" Jorge as well.

    Personally, I wouldn't miss the composer tags but it is a nice touch.

  14. Thanks for all the kind words, folks! It's funny that my commentary spawned such a mini-discussion about ID tagging, because on this particular one I did NOT go the whole way into composition credits, etc. My point was that I usually like to do that stuff but this collection had so many songs, and so many people were anxiously waiting, that I decided to put aside that particular obsession. Ben wrote most of his own material anyway… 😉

  15. Thanks so much for this as well as the rest of the box.

    I just discovered your wonderful blog. Thanks for everything!

  16. Nossa, que pérola. Obrigado mesmo.
    What a pear!!!! Thaks a lot!!!!

  17. Thanks for this – much appreciated, and such a great blog.

  18. Just wanted to say that all that ID tagging is massively appreciated – it's also how I learn about music – who was the composer/ who were the players, what other stuff did they appear on.
    Even if someone else took the time to upload the music, I doubt they wuld do all this. Recognition is massively important.


  19. This is so great…can't wait to hear these rarities. Obrigado!

  20. Thank you so much , this CD is a real gem and your work is fantastic….

  21. Wow, Jorge Ben from his period that I like best! Thanks a lot!

  22. benjamin do pandeiro

    Wow this is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much!

  23. O melhor e inovador da mpb trouxe oswing a mpb

  24. this looks amazing… any chance of reupping it? thanks!

  25. Boa Tarde…
    Por favor Re_up O Link, pois foi retirado do mega,
    por motivos de violação ( talves direitos autorais )…Ok

    e parabens pelo Blog..e Obrigado.

  26. Broken Link…
    Any chance to have it posted again ?

    Your site is truly Un-Fu***ng-Believable…

    Any way to contribute ?
    I have a modest but valid CD collection witg for instance some hard to find hermeto CD's or some French rarities…

  27. Hello. Thank you for the re-up.
    It's only available in FLAC, don't you gonna re-upload in 320 em pee tree?

  28. Hi, man, could you post this album on another server?
    Depositfiles are doing some limitations to download a file
    which size is 700 Mb and up, forcing you to be a premium member.,
    Jorge Ben Jor file goes till 7456 MB and ended. I´ve tried 14 times (yes, fourteen times)
    Not my connection. Posts on new MEGA would be surprising.
    Thanks in advance.
    Denys P.R.

    • hi Denys, I am pretty sure the new MEGA is a scam / entrapment sting operation. I won't touch it, not in a hundred years.

      That said, I can find another place to host this for you. cheers

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