Charles Mingus – Mingus at the Bohemia (1955)


Charles Mingus – Mingus at the Bohemia
Recorded December 23, 1955, at Cafe Bohemia, NYC
Released originally on Debut Records*
(*Listed usually as a 1955 release, I don`t see how this is possible given the recording date…)I am a bit humbled and dumbstruck when it comes to the prospect of writing anything about Charles Mingus. To tell you what a genius the man was at this point would be like telling you the world is round. More learned men than I have stoked the fires of musical curiosity by hurling superlatives on this jazz giant. So I will leave you, for once, with just the music. This record is a precious live document of Mingus’s Jazz Composer’s Workshop. The liner notes from pianist and workshop member Mal Waldron give a fairly detailed synopsis of what is going on in terms of composition and improvisation that — should your ears fail you in this respect – give you a better idea of just how progressive this `progressive jazz` ensemble really was in 1955. Bebop, big band, avant garde, tuneful, dissonant, weaving simultaneous melodies, committing acts of creative plagiarism. In listing the lineup below the tracklist, I have noted some of the musician’s other credits outside the Workshop in order to further illustrate the vast scope of this project. The work of Mingus truly bridged entire universes of sound.
Jump Monk
Serenade In Blue
Percussion Discussion
Work Song
All The Things You C-Sharp
bonus cuts:
alternate takes of “Jump Monk” and “All The Things You C-Sharp”
Trombone – Eddie Bert (Stan Kenton, Benny Goodman, Thelonious Monk, Stan Getz)
Tenor Sax – George Barrow (Oliver Nelson)
Piano – Mal Waldron (Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Steve Lacey, Abbey Lincoln)
Drums – Willie Jones, Jr. (Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Lester Young, Sun Ra)

Special guest Max Roach (everyone) on “Percussion Discussion”


 in 320kbs em pee tree


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  4. Thanks for this. Mingus is one of my favorite musicians of all time. His music and personality were giant and cause of him I have recently discovered a new fav, Chico Hamilton.

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  8. "Mingus Ah Um" may be my favorite Jazz LP of all time. "Black Saint & the Sinner Lady" is pretty darn good too.

  9. hey flabber! i'm not that much into "thank-you-notes" but i think it's time to reconsider! fortunately i have a very generous friend who has given me full access to his tons of brazilian (buarque, baianos, ben jor, elis, etc…) and jazz cd's, but some are 1st edition remasters, but here i've found heaven! i'd love to see some of bethânia's albums posted… ela é ótima! with respect, luis rafael

  10. Man, awesome work but wuold you please reupload this

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