Novos Baianos – É Ferro na Boneca (1970)

“É Ferro na Boneca”
RGE (XRLP-5.340)

1. “Ferro na boneca” – 2:02
2. “Eu de Adjetivos” – 3:01
3. “Outro mambo, outro mundo” – 2:45
4. “Colégio de Aplicação” – 4:11
5. “A Casca de banana que eu Pisei” – 2:20
6. “Dona Nita e Dona Helena” – 2:30
7. “Se eu quiser eu compro Flores” – 3:17
8. “E o samba me traiu” – 2:05
9. “Baby Consuelo” – 2:02
10. “Tangolete” – 2;21
11. “Curto de véu e Grinalda” – 2:28
12. “Juventude Sexta e Sábado” – 2:54
13. “De Vera” – 2:50

Novos Baianos

* Pepeu Gomes – guitarra
* Paulinho Boca de Cantor – vocal, percussão
* Baby Consuelo – vocal, percussão
* Moraes Moreira – violão, vocal, letras

with supporting band “* A Cor do Som” (Jorginho Gomes, Dadi)
* Luiz Galvão – letras

This is a very heavily Tropicália-laden album from Novos Baianos (at this point in time called Os Novos Bahianos), and pretty extremely different from what they would become known for in their masterpiece follow-up, ‘Acabou Chorare’. In fact when I compare it to their next few albums I find I don’t think this is really that good.. The song “Tangolete” is almost the only thing here that sounds like it would have fit on their next couple records, and this is only a *maybe* and definitely not with the arrangement used here. But if it was from anyone else I would say its a pretty good Brazilian psych-rock album with some good arrangements and interesting instrumentation. Collectors of obscure ‘world’ psychedelia should love this. Fans more familiar with their transformation after their “encounters” with João Gilberto will doubtless like it but maybe more as a footnote to their other work. In other words, this is a historically important album but mileage may vary depending on how groovy you are or whether or not you need regrooving.

The title track leading off this album is pure Tropicália and would fit comfortably in between any of the tracks on Caetano’s first or Gal Costa’s first two albums. The track is, just as the title would imply, a lusophile mambo with some overwrought singing. The horn arrangments by H.L. Fietta really jump out and call your attention on this track. Both because they are some first-rate horn arrangements, and also because you might have noticed at this point that you will never again hear a Novos Baianos album with orchestration that is so prominent, with hippy-jazz flutes and real-jazz saxophones peppering the mix like day-glo axeita de dendê. Same with the following cut, Colégia de Aplicação. “A Casca de Banana que eu Pisei” is a fairly straight forward baião about slipping on banana peels, not much to say here. The tune “Baby Consuelo” is just plain annoying, but of course you may feel differently. Once again, the track “Tangolete” has something of the cadence of later compositions by Morais Morreira, but you might notice there is no *band* here as far as the Baianos are concerned — the arrangement is entirely made up of the orchestra and a lone bandoneón played by… somebody. The fact that this is the most memorable song on this album highlights the main problem I have with it — Most of these songs just kind of drift in one ear and out the other. Even if you find yourself digging it, you will be hard pressed to remember any of the melodies afterwards, which is a strong contrast to all of their later work. In spite of the hyperbolic liner notes from Augusto de Campos which assert that these songs are “100% in the rhythm of our musical revolution,” this is the sound of a band finding its footing on its first full-length recording, and there were a lot more memorable releases coming out of Brazil in 1970 to overshadow this one. Still, it is well worth giving it a listen and having around. The closing song, “De Vera” is a good ‘un that rocks the groove with some nice echoplexed, distorted, wah-wah guitar that works well to distract from the trite lyrics from Gavão. It’s a good closing to the short chapter of this phase of the Baianos story.

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  2. Acabou Chorare was an album I was really looking for on my first trip to Bahia. It took me several records stores before I could find one. It is still an album I like and though I'm curious of their other works, your comments are cooling my enthousiasm. But anyway, what's important is to see how a band is finding its way to greater albums… I'll give it a check… Thanks for this one anyway…

  3. Dear Doctor
    don`t let my lack of enthusiasm about this one effect you too much! A lot of people love this album; I have just never been able to get really into it. I like it, I just don't love it. Check out `Vamos Pro Mundo` here on this blog, and there might be others in the near future..

  4. Thanks for all the music… I've been following you for quite a while.

  5. P.S. You're right about this album, it stinks. It sounds more like a bad VA compilation than a proper album. But the other two you've got here are great.

  6. I don't think this album stinks as described on comment above. It is just very hard to measure up against Acabou Chorare. This record has its merits. The idea of a "collective" rather than a band proper is already there. I like it, just not as much as the following two. Thanks! I heard their first EP is real interesting, do you have that one?

  7. yeah, Perrata, I wouldn't say "it stinks" either… See my commentary on the F.C. album: it was a recipe for disaster listening to this one on the same day. I think, also, I just don't listen to as much psych and Tropicália as I once did, although I still come back to it now and again. This is probably also another example of an album that if it was released by any other band than Novos Baianos I would probably consider it a "strong effort" but, as you said, it just can't measure up to what comes after.

    I think I got that EP off another blog or via bittorrent or whatnot, but not in high enough quality that I would want to share it here.

  8. quiero la contraseñaaaaaaaa

  9. can i have the password, please?

  10. hi sarah, it's listed at the top of these comments

  11. excelente! estava procurando por esse album, e sabia que tinha grandes chances de encontrá-lo aqui.

    mais uma vez, obrigado pelo espaço incomparável para o acesso a música de qualidade.

  12. Poxa n consegui achar a senha!

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    (foi acima do resto de comentários aqui, amigo)

  14. Vlw … Ótimo trabalho …. todo o blog

  15. Would a FLAC re-up of this or Vamos Pro Mundo be possible? I promise I won't ask what the password is.

    I've gotten hooked on these folks since I grabbed F.C. from you recently. Can't believe I've been missing out for so long.

  16. sure thing Jason. check back tomorrow or maybe the next day, in the comments section

  17. Hey everybody, check for them here

  18. Awesome. Many thanks, sir.

  19. Wow, Thanks very much. The quality is so good… Keep doing this work, you are really awesome at it. 🙂

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